Teaching Young Foreign Language Learners in SE Europe

Dear ELTA members, 

It is our pleasure to share the news of a publication which may be of interest to some of you as teachers in the area of pre-primary and primary foreign language education.

Teaching Young Foreign Language Learners in SE Europe: A multidimensional research on policy and pedagogical practices is a book that offers a descriptive account of the findings derived from a transnational study, which was conducted in six South-Eastern European countries (Greece, Serbia, Cyprus, Albania, Romania and Croatia).

The book examines the implementation of the European policy on early foreign language  learning in these countries and focuses on the teachers’ perspectives with regard to language education of YFL learners, the development, adaptation, and selection of educational materials, the teaching & assessment methods used, as well as the techniques used for promoting interculturalism.

The book is available through the publisher 

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