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Past Conferences

ELTA Conference gives you the chance to hear internationally renowned plenary speakers from UK and USA.

ELTA Conference mirrors a wide range of theoretical and practical issues and developments in the teaching world covering:

  • Young Learners
  • Testing, Evaluation & Assessment
  • English for Specific Purposes
  • ELT Management
  • Teacher Development
  • Computer Assisted Language Learning

You can take part in workshops, commercial presentations, panel discussions and the international exchange among ELT professionals. In addition to all other benefits, there are numerous Publishers’ & Sponsors’ events, discounts, prizes and awards.


4th elta conference

4th ELTA Conference
Belgrade, 12-14 May 2006

When Knowledge Wins:
Strategy for the 21st Century

Plenary Speakers:
Kari Smith, David Evans, Shaun Wilden, Steve Lever, Alan Pulverness, Craig Dicker, Mario Rinvolucri, Grant Kempton, Radmila Popovic
4th elta conference

5th ELTA Conference
Belgrade, 18-20 May 2007

Interactive Classroom:
Have We Got What it Takes?

Plenary Speakers:
George Pickering, Jim Scrivener, Liz Kanakis, Michael Harris, Herbert Puchta, Mady Musiol & Magaly Villarroel
4th elta conference

6th ELTA Conference
Belgrade, 30 May - 1 June 2008

The Classroom That Veats the Odds:

Plenary Speakers:
Robert Hastings, Philip Kerr, Steve Lever, David A. Hill, Lisa Harshbarger, Anne O'Keeffe, Hugh Dellar, Lisa Warner, Robert Dea
4th elta conference

7th ELTA Conference
Novi Sad, 22 - 24 May 2009

Devise, wit, write, pen... and gather the harvest of Knowledge

Plenary Speakers:
Shelley Wong, Peter Grundy, Vladimir Žegarac, Ana Sikorzyńska, Slobodanka Kitić, Martin Hewings, Adrian Tennant
8th elta conference

8th ELTA Conference
Belgrade, 7 - 9 May 2010

Technology Mediated Education:
Necessity or Luxury?

Plenary Speakers:
Herbert Puchta, Gavin Dudeney, Bill Bowler, Sean Conley
9th elta conference

9th ELTA Conference
Novi Sad, April 8 - 9 2011


Plenary Speakers:
Chistine Coombe, Tony Green, Jeremy Harmer, David Marsh and Jim Scrivener
10th elta conference

10th ELTA Conference
Belgrade, May 18-19 2012


Plenary Speakers:
Graham Hall, Jayme Adelson Goldstein, Sophie Ioannou Georgiu, Steve Oakes, Geraldine Mark, Tony O’Brien, Steve Lever, Danae Kozanoglou
11th elta conference

11th ELTA Conference
Belgrade, May 10-11 2013

“He who dares to teach must never cease to learn”

Plenary Speakers:
Zoltan Rezmuves, Roisin O’Farell, Alastair Lane, Steve Lever, Suzanne Panferov, Jeanne Perrett, Tony O’Brien
12th elta conference

12th ELTA Serbia Conference
Belgrade, May, 16-17 2014

“Back to the Future”

Plenary Speakers:
Joan Kang Shin, David Evans, Jamie Keddie, Willy Cardoso, Grant Kempton, Kenn Norris
12th elta conference

13th ELTA Serbia Conference
Belgrade, May, 15-16 2015

“A Taste of 21st Century Teaching”

Plenary Speakers:
Deborah Healey, Hugh Dellar, Paul Dummett, Rob Dean, Rakesh Bhanot, Biljana Radić-Bojanić, Pedro Moura
12th elta conference

14th ELTA Serbia Conference
Belgrade, May, 20-21 2016

“One child, one teacher, one book & one pen can change the world (Malala Yousafzai)”

Plenary Speakers:
Helena Curtain, Katarina Rasulić, Mark Andrews, Tim Bowen, Anna Kolbuszewska, Jon Hird
15th elta conference

15th ELTA Serbia Conference
Belgrade, May, 19-20 2017

"Awaken Your Curiosity"

Plenary Speakers:
Marjorie Rosenberg, Julie Wallis, Mike Mayor, Tim Bowen, Mojca Belak, Sylvie Dolakova, Igor Lakić
16th elta conference

16th ELTA Serbia Conference
Belgrade, May, 11-12 2018

"New Trends: Teacher’s Guide Through ELT Galaxy"

Plenary Speakers:
Jen MacArthur, Rob Dean, Nick Bilbrough, Daniel Xerri, Alan Marsh, Jelena Vranješević