ELTA’s Chat Room

Welcome to ELTA’s Chat Room
Everything you’ve always wanted to know about ELTA, but were ‘afraid’ to ask 🙂

Welcome an ELTA’s coordinator or a Managing Board member on your premises and we’ll be there for you to discuss issues of common interest.

Learn from your ELTA’s representative about our ongoing projects and cooperation with other ELT associations. Check how to apply for international conferences or write papers for our journal. Share ideas or impressions about ELTA’s various activities.

  • You’d like to know what we do? We’ll share it all with you.
  • You have a question to ask? The answer is a must for us.
  • You have a dilemma or a special case? We’ll deal with it face to face.
  • You have an idea for us to hear?  We’ll be happy to lend you an ear.
  • You have a terrific action plan? Welcome to our creative clan!

We are organising ELTA’s Chat Room in the period March-April 2016. ELTA’s regional coordinators and MB members are ready to welcome you in the following cities and towns:

1.SentaDragana Videnov
Emese Both
2.SomborAleksandra Stojkovalexandra.stojkov@gmail.com
3.Smederevska PalankaDragana Andrićdraganaandric.gaga@gmail.com
4.AranđelovacJagoda Popovićpopovicy@gmail.com
5.AleksinacOlja Miloševićoljaict@hotmail.com
6.NišSanja Tasića.s.tasic@medianis.net
7.Novi PazarĐurđica Šumaracdjurdjicadjica@gmail.com
8.ČačakKatarina Ristanovićketty101176@yahoo.co.uk
9.VranjeTatjana Jancićwintry752000@yahoo.com
10.ŠabacSanja Čonjagićsanja_sovra@yahoo.com

Send your application to our coordinator by February 29th and join our colleagues in ELTA’s Chat Room.