Exciting News: Rachel Paling as First Plenary Speaker!

We are thrilled to announce that Rachel Paling will be the first plenary speaker at the 22nd ELTA Conference! Her talk, titled “Going Beyond the Frontiers of English Language Learning” will explore the past, present, and future of English language learning in the face of technological advancements such as automation, AI tools, robots, and machine learning.

The British Council recently published research on “The Future of English: Global Perspectives”, which confirms that English will remain the world’s most widely spoken language over the next decade and that teachers will continue to play a crucial role in English learning. However, what about 25 or 50 years from now? What new frontiers lie ahead, and how can educators go beyond these to enhance language learning using both internal and external resources?

Rachel Paling is a highly qualified professional with a diverse educational background. She holds a BA Hons in Law/Spanish with a distinction in spoken Spanish, an MA in Human Rights, an MA in Applied Neuroscience, and an MA in Neuroeducation and Neuropsychology. Rachel is an International Coach Federation credentialed PCC Coach and Coach Mentor. She has over 35 years of teaching experience and is a qualified UK lawyer. Rachel is the creator of Neurolanguage Coaching® and Neuroheart Education Foundation. Her expertise and experience make her the ideal person to set the scene for the ideal language learning approach for the learners of the following decades.

For further information or to support the event, please get in touch with the ELTA Office at office@elta.org.rs or hello@elta.org.rs.