2024 ELTA Serbia Conference Theme

22nd ELTA Serbia International Conference

Exploring the New Frontiers of ELT

17-18 May 2024 · Belgrade

Venue: Faculty of Education, University of Belgrade

We are thrilled to announce the 22nd ELTA Serbia Conference, “Exploring the New Frontiers of ELT.”

Isaac Asimov’s prophetic story, published in 1973, about two kids living in 2155 and learning at home with the help of a robot teacher, offered a glimpse into what was then science fiction. Though it is just 2023, studying at our own pace, in the privacy of our homes, has become our reality.

The reality which offers unprecedented freedom and moves frontiers but imposes new types of responsibility and challenge. The question is what kind of emotional, logistic, creative, and social support we need in that new realm of educational and technological advancement.

ELTA Serbia invites you to join us in exploring these questions and sharing your expertise, experience, and ideas at our 22nd International Conference: Exploring the New Frontiers of ELT, which will take place on 17-18 May 2024 in Belgrade.

Prepare for two days of inspiration, collaboration, and growth as we embark on an educational journey. You will have the chance to connect with fellow educators, exchange ideas, and discover new strategies to elevate your teaching practice.

Stay tuned so you can secure your spot and be part of this exceptional learning experience!


ELTA team