Dear ELTA members,

ELTA offers opportunities for professional development, lifelong learning and cultural exchange to all teachers interested in presenting their ideas in the form of a workshop or talk at the conferences of ELTA Partners’ Associations.

As one of the leading associations in the region, ELTA strives for excellence.

Therefore, the better your proposal is, the greater your chances of winning are.

The workshop/talk proposals are evaluated based on the following criteria:
  • quality of content
  • quality of language
  • potential impact on school practice
  • potential impact on teachers’ professional development

All members can apply. However, as a guarantee of fairness to all, the same member cannot be chosen twice within one year.

When chosen as an ELTA representative, your duties are the following:
  • to deliver the workshop or talk
  • to meet the president and board members of the Partner Association in person during the conference
  • to know relevant information about ELTA and share it with the colleagues at the conference
  • to network with colleagues from the region
  • to write a report for ELTA Newsletter

We look forward to your applications.