Meet Our Next Plenary Speaker: EL Specialist Carly Womack-Wynne

We are excited to introduce EL Specialist Dr Carly Womack-Wynne as our next plenary speaker! 🎤

Join us for her “Using STREAM as a Vehicle for Language Learning” session, where we’ll delve into how STREAM-based instruction can enhance language acquisition through inquiry. Discover innovative approaches to integrating reading into content areas, using inquiry to bolster vocabulary instruction, and exploring the synergy between content and language. 💡🌐🔍

Dr Wynne is a tenured Professor at the University of North Georgia College of Education with over a decade of experience in faculty and administrative roles. She holds a Doctorate and bachelor’s degree in Education from Valdosta State University and a Master’s and Specialist degrees in Educational Administration from Albany State University. 📚🎓

Dr Wynne has extensive experience as a consultant in Central America, Central Asia, and the Middle East and has made significant contributions to the field of education. She played a major role in establishing quality assurance standards for higher education in Belize and led groundbreaking diversity and inclusion training for overseas staff at a leading US study abroad provider. 🚀🔎

She is a Fulbright Specialist and has served Uzbekistan in Curriculum Design in 2019 and 2023, contributing to education projects such as STREAM and Leadership initiatives for the Avloniy Institute, Ministry of Public Education, and the Private Schools Association of Uzbekistan. Her dedication extends to enriching the lives of students, both at the University and in K-12 schools in her service area. 👩‍🏫🌍👏

Prior to her tenure at UNG, Dr. Wynne taught at Bainbridge College in southwestern Georgia and high schools in central Georgia. Her accolades include being named the Graduate of the Last Decade from Valdosta State University in 2011, Emerging Leader at the University of North Georgia in 2013, Presidential Excellence Award in 2015, Distinguished Professor in 2019, and Transfer Champion Award Winner in 2021. 🏆📜👩‍🎓

She has garnered multiple regional and University awards, including the prestigious Diversity Champion for UNG in 2016. She is active in local and international communities, residing in Gainesville, Georgia, with her husband, Ben, and their children, Lily and Cotton. 🎖🏫👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

We are honoured to have Dr Carlise Wynne as our esteemed plenary speaker, and we look forward to gaining insights from her wealth of experience at our upcoming Conference! 🌟