Unleashing Educational Horizons: Billie Jago Explores the Alpha Generation

Opportunities and Challenges of Teaching the Alpha Generation

Embark on a thought-provoking exploration into the evolving landscape of education with our second plenary speaker, Billie Jago. The experiences of the Alpha Generation are shaped by rapid technological advancements and an interconnected world. Join this session to delve into the unique opportunities and challenges faced by educators when teaching the Alpha Generation.

Discover strategies to harness the power of digital tools, addressing challenges like shorter attention spans and information overload. Engage in discussions about the critical need to foster social skills, emotional intelligence, and collaborative skills crucial in today’s globalized society.

Microlearning in Practice: Engaging Strategies for Bite-sized Education

In a world where attention is a premium, microlearning emerges as a transformative approach to education. Immerse yourself in this interactive workshop led by Billie Jago, offering a hands-on experience in designing and implementing microlearning modules. Explore strategies that cater to the modern learner’s preferences for concise, targeted, and accessible content.

Meet Billie Jago: ELT Trailblazer, Educator, and Innovator

Billie Jago, an accomplished ELT writer, teacher trainer, and consultant, has captivated international audiences of 1000+ teachers, students, and school directors. With contributions to renowned titles such as Gold Experience (Pearson), Formula (Pearson), Rise & Shine (Pearson), New Close-Up (National Geographic Learning), and Voices (National Geographic Learning), Billie is a trailblazer in ELT content. As the founder of the ELTcpd podcast, providing professional development with over 4000 downloads in 77 geographies, and the co-founder of OtterELT, a digital content provider, Billie brings a wealth of expertise to our conference.