Small Town Stories: Creative Writing Course for ELTA Teachers

Creative Writing for ELTA Teachers was the professional development course organized by ELTA and supported by the American Embassy. Not many teachers in Serbia have the opportunity to take such a course during their university studies. Designed for those teachers who love to write in their spare time, Creative Writing for ELTA Teachers was an effort to help them pursue their passions. It was designed to strengthen writing skills, ignite imagination, and encourage new pedagogical approaches to language teaching.

This publication is devoted to teachers from Serbia who love writing so much that they took part in a Creative Writing Course, worked hard to improve their writing skills, developed creative writing activities for their students, and were brave enough to share their stories with you.

Join us for a public reading during the 14th ELTA conference in May where the authors will read selected portions of their published work. In the meantime, enjoy reading their stories!


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