Gabriella Kovács as Our Sixth and Final Plenary Speaker

We are thrilled to introduce Gabriella Kovács as our sixth and final plenary speaker!

Join us for her captivating session titled “What is on the Horizon for Language Education? Beyond page 42, exercise 4.” 🚀

In alignment with the conference theme of exploring new frontiers, Gabriella will delve into the multi-faceted landscape of ELT in the age of AI. Drawing from her extensive background in language and corporate communication coaching, she will share insights into supporting educators in their careers and navigating the evolving needs of the language industry. 🌍

How are learners, organizations, and teachers adapting to the changing landscape of language learning? 🤔

Gabriella will examine various approaches to language education through different lenses, shedding light on what has worked in the past, what needs to evolve, and what should be replaced. Her talk will explore the challenges and opportunities within and beyond the classroom in today’s fast-paced, tech-driven environment. 📚💻

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights from Gabriella’s extensive experience and research in language coaching and teacher training. 🎓

Gabriella Kovács, MA, PCC, is an internationally recognized language coach, business communication trainer, and career mentor. Her Comprehensive Language Coaching Handbook, published in 2022, continues to inspire holistic language learning and communication success. As a co-founder of the International Language Coaching Association (ILCA), she remains dedicated to supporting educators worldwide. 📝

Stay tuned for more updates and mark your calendars for an enriching session with Gabriella Kovács at our upcoming conference! 🗓️