ELTA Newsletter has been in circulation for so many years and it is a result of devoted volunteers who have worked together to help our English teachers’ voices be heard. They are the ones who edit, proofread, go through every tiny little detail and review the written material before it finally gets published.

This year we have a new team, and it is our pleasure to introduce to you the ones who will motivate you to write, share and publish your articles.

Zorica Đukić,  co-editor

Hello! It is great to be part of this international team! I have been teaching English for nearly thirty years. For the last decade, I have been working with teenagers at the School of Pharmacy and Physiotherapy in Belgrade. I have always supported the idea of CPD, so the opportunity of attending webinars nowadays makes me feel privileged (and very often short of time).

Vicky Papageorgiou, co-editor

Hi everyone! It’s great to be part of your team! I am Vicky and I am a language instructor at AMC College (Thessaloniki, Greece). I specialise in exam preparation for various exam boards (Cambridge, Michigan, etc.) but, at the College where I work, we mainly prepare students for the IELTS exam. My fields of interest are: Technology enhanced learning, Web 2.0 tools, critical thinking, teaching adults and ART in ESL.

Jana Živanović, co-editor

Hi there from a passionate and enthusiastic ELT, ready to change the world (of education) for better! I’m currently teaching Integrated skills and General English at the Foreign languages department at the Military Academy, preparing military officers for missions and pilots for professional development abroad. As a PhD student, I’m also teaching English as an elective course for B2 level students at the Faculty of Philology. Interested in teaching methodology even before I enrolled the faculty, I combine it now with cognitive linguistics. Therefore, I enjoy applying different techniques and exploring which ones suit my students best, as well as sharing my findings and learning from the more experienced. Can’t wait to get to know you and read your articles!

Aleksandra Jevtović, co-editor

Aleksandra Jevtović is a teacher, a teacher trainer and a presenter with 25 years of experience in the classroom teaching all levels of English to young adults and adults. Aleksandra’s particular areas of interest are extensive reading and the use of mother tongue in teaching English.

Olivera Ilić, co-editor

Hello everyone! It’s my pleasure and honour to be a part of ELTA newsletter editorial team. I work at Primary School ‘Sveti Sava’ in Požarevac  with pupils aged 10-15 and adults who are completing their primary school education. My professional interests are distance learning, project based activities and using ICT in education. I have coordinated a number of projects, including mobility projects for teachers and pupils. I love doing online courses and learning new things.

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