ELTA Coordinators for Belgrade

ELTA is looking for coordinators for Belgrade

Dear colleagues,

ELTA is looking for coordinators for Belgrade. In order to become one, you need to be an ELTA member and show willingness, enthusiasm and readiness to engage yourself in ELTA work.

– The job of the ELTA coordinator is:

– To promote the Association and its activities whenever and wherever possible;

– To recruit new members;

– To distribute/share information about ELTA activities in their region;

– To organize or assist in the organization of ELTA seminars and other activities in their region.

Being an ELTA regional coordinator is a great opportunity to develop professionally as well as personally, acquire management and leadership skills and be among people who are visionaries and use the first-rate educational and networking opportunities to change things in their region for the better.

You can send your applications to office@elta.org.rs by 30 September. We are all looking forward to them.


ELTA team