ELTA Journal: Volume 5 | Issue 5

Dear colleagues,

In the midst of the holiday season, we are proud to present the latest edition of ELTA Journal.

We hope that the readership will find the papers presented here informative and insightful. Our field of work often presents numerous possibilities for us as teachers and researchers to fill puzzled or curious about all the aspects and challenges presented in front of us. Thus, the papers in this issue are thought-provoking and possibly inspirational for us to examine the topics further or shed a different light on them, from inclusion, dyslexia, differentiated instruction, viewing the listening skill as a dynamic process, analyzing prereading strategies or exploring ESP.

We hope this issue will be of broad interest to the readership of the journal and we look forward to receiving the feedback. We would encourage the submission of articles to further the advancement of the teaching profession.

With best wishes,
ELTA Journal Editorial Team