EVE-ELTA Serbia Mentoring Programme Returns

This year, the EVE group and ELTA Serbia will offer another round of leadership mentoring programme to train eight selected Serbian female classroom teachers to become professional conference presenters.

The selected participants will receive mentoring offered by EVE-ELT mentors for three months. This mentoring aims to equip the participants with the necessary skills to present at international conferences online and local professional development events.

ELTA Serbia aims to empower Serbian teachers to share their knowledge and expertise locally and internationally. However, one challenge remains: identifying members who are capable of innovation inside their classrooms but need to be more visible because they are shy or may lack the public speaking skills to share their ideas and expertise through actively participating in professional conferences and organised professional development presentations.

By bringing these examples of successful classroom teachers to the forefront and training them on presentation and public speaking skills, ELTA Serbia aims to highlight the amazing work done by Serbian classroom teachers and inspire others who may be intimidated to become professional conference presenters to share their stories. 

More information about this exciting programme will be announced in next week’s ELTA Wednesday Memo.