Introducing – A Personal Finance Management App is currently the most downloaded financial app on the App Store and is particularly popular among young people. We believe that teachers and students will find both interesting and useful. We have attached a flyer for below.

To elaborate on the product positioning of, here are a few pointers from Uroš Stojanović, the BOLD fellow, the founder of the application:

1. Nutsss offers a different concept for managing finances by shifting the focus from budget planning to tracking spending and building financial consciousness.

2. The application targets Gen Z and anyone who considers themselves young adults.

3. Users can benefit by building healthy financial habits and becoming aware of their spending. For instance, the app has a “Nutsss purchase” feature where you can mark an impulsive or “not needed” purchase and track how much you could have saved that month.

4. Nutsss is available on both Google Play and the App Store.

5. You need to log in daily to the app and add your purchases for the current or previous days.

Uroš Stojanović, the founder of, is currently working on a visual guide to navigate the application. If our audience shows enough interest, he would be happy to share screenshots of the app with a step-by-step demonstration.