Call for Participation: US in Focus – Civic Engagement and Youth Activism Program

📅 Program Duration: November 2023 to November 2024

🌍 Participation Scope: Open to 5 secondary schools from different regions of the Republic of Serbia

🎓 Target Group: High school students (groups of 8-12 students per school)

    Program Overview:

    The US in Focus program, spanning from November 2023 to November 2024, aims to foster civic engagement and youth activism. Five secondary schools from diverse regions of the Republic of Serbia are invited to participate. The program includes preparatory activities from November 2023 to May 2024, involving the selection of schools, meetings, program presentations, internet platform access, and teacher training.

    Program Objectives:
    • Develop critical thinking through open dialogues on contemporary societal issues.
    • Define the individual’s role and emphasize socially responsible behavior in a democratic society.
    • Provide students the opportunity to disseminate knowledge about American democracy, geography, and history through project-based civics classes.
    • Enhance language skills through conversations with English speakers and projects.

    “How Swing States in the USA Influence the Results of the US Presidential Elections”

    Teacher Training:

    ELTA will conduct a two-day training in December 2023 for teachers of civics, English, and humanities. The training will cover historical aspects of democratic thought, the US electoral system, media literacy, debate principles, and project-based teaching.

    Student Preparation:

    ELTA will organize five months of training for students (January – May 2024) and provide access to the online platform Students will delve into the geo-political and historical characteristics of a chosen US state, understanding the democratic principles and issues of that state.

    Project Phases:
    • June – October 2024:

    Students will work on predicting how their chosen swing state influences the US presidential elections, presenting their projects creatively (e.g., TV video sketch, short video, skit, poster, newspaper article, blog).

    • Evaluation: End of October 2024

    ELTA and the US Embassy committee will assess the projects, with the most successful work acknowledged.

    • Final Phase – November 2024:

    Students from all schools will meet face-to-face to present their research and projects to the American ambassador and embassy representatives. The ambassador will formally announce the winning team.

    ELTA Commitment:

    ELTA will cover travel and accommodation costs for teachers and students participating in the final event.

    Participation Deadline:

    If you’re interested in joining this program, please complete the registration form by 29 November 2023.

    Only candidates who are short-listed will be contacted by 1 December 2023.

    ELTA team