IH Belgrade: About Learning

16 April 2021 | 10.00-16.00 CET

Free event

We now teach online, hybrid and sometimes face2face lessons and have been using different platforms, apps, equipment, and lesson types to facilitate our teaching.

With this event we would like to focus on the process of learning, especially on what we can do when it does not happen in our lessons (especially in online and hybrid lessons).

Join our presenters:

Adrian Underhill, Alastair Grant, Zorica Kovacevic, James Egerton, Giovanni Licata, Anastasiia Buzuluckaia, Siboney Rabenstein, Andriy Ruzhynskiy and Christopher Walker

  • who will share some practical ideas and activities you can use to intervene in the situations when learning does not happen (in all types of lessons)
  • discuss the experience of teaching online and what we can use to allow different levels of the tasks and how to monitor them
  • give some practical tips on how to train our learners to use different learning strategies in terms of online, face2face or hybrid learning
  • share their ideas on how to raise awareness of the individual learning pathway and how our students can monitor and develop their learning strategies
  • present some action research results on the topic

Registration deadline: 9 April 2021