Free Online Cambridge English Resources

1. Many of Cambridge English free online resources are summarised in this online booklet.

2. The Cambridge Digital Teacher;

The definitive resource for EFL and ESL teachers that’s full of information about tools, techniques and training.

Design, deliver and evaluate English language learning that truly inspires your students.

The Cambridge English Digital Framework has been developed in consultation with practicing language teachers and trainers. It describes key competencies for teaching effectively with technology.

Training videos, practical tips and lesson plans you can start using today – tap into the technology at your fingertips and transform your teaching.

Product Reviews: with an increasing number of digital training tools available, how do you make the right choice? Read our reassuring expert reviews and choose your tech with confidence. And test the digital skills.

3. Write & Improve is a free tool for learners of English that marks writing in seconds.

4. BETA gives opinions, updates and insights on digital themes and initiatives being developed by Cambridge Assessment English. Think. Explore. Create.

Find out the latest innovative work that Cambridge Assessment English are doing, read our thought leadership updates and opinions on EdTech. Think. Explore. Create.

5. More free resources for English Language teachers;

6. Webinars for teachers;

7. Teaching English Online: Learn how to transfer your teaching skills to an online context and start teaching English online.

8. Blog and Insights, Techniques and Tools for teaching English;