18th ELTA Serbia Conference: Second plenary speaker announced

We’re pleased to announce our second plenary speaker for the 18th ELTA Serbia Conference!

You can find out more about him in the text below.

I moved to Poland in 2006 from San Diego, California, and have made Wroclaw my home over the past 10 years. For the first part of my teaching career I worked in language schools, teaching mainly younger learners and teenagers, and eventually branched out into other areas of EFL instruction, including exam English, business English, and teacher training.

In 2012 I completed an MA in Applied Linguistics, with a focus on teaching English as a Foreign Language. After that, in order to compliment my theoretical knowledge of language acquisition, I undertook the Cambridge Delta in 2015.

Professionally I am interested in a technology friendly style of teaching, as well as a materials-light approach. I feel the best way to develop professionally as a teacher is to share ideas and experiment in the classroom, always encouraging learners to take chances with their communication.

Currently I work as an international teacher trainer and university lecturer, which provides plenty of opportunities to create and search for new ideas that help my teachers and students achieve their goals in the classroom.

At the Conference John will be speaking about Interfacing with Interlanguage.

Language learning forces us to make sense of a foreign language, one way or another. We all create our own version of a target language, and this system is often imperfect. In a typical classroom of mixed abilities, how can teachers address these varying language systems? Where do we start? And how can we be sure all of our learners benefit in the process?

We will explore some techniques for addressing language production, both spoken and written, in a way that is beneficial to learners of all levels. We will also discuss ways to quickly and easily grade language feedback tasks, so all learners are challenged and engaged in the process.

We will be announcing more plenary speakers in the coming weeks so keep a lookout for further news articles or add yourself to the event page for the up-to-date information on conference arrangements, speakers etc.