Shakespeare 400 by Silvija Pešić

In the year when the whole world celebrates 400 years of the Bard’s death, a group of pupils from school for primary and secondary education for children with developmental impairments “Mladost” and their friends from primary school “8. septembar” from Pirot, gave their contribution to this jubilee.

It took us a long month and a half to prepare the pupils recite Shakespeare’s most famous quotes and sonnets, to act out a scene from “Romeo & Juliet” and dance to Renaissance music.

We also worked hours to make the scene for Romeo and Juliet, to sew costumes for some of the participants.

The pupils made a lot of effort and did great work to enable the rest of the world see what they can do despite of their disabilities. Their enthusiasm and willingness to be a part of something special gave strength to their teachers to see the whole performance acted out in front of great audience on 31st March 2016!

The photos and the video we enclose is one more proof that good will makes dreams come true! At the beginning we only had a dream…

Shakespeare 400 by Silvija Pešić