Get Started on the New School Year with 3 Lesson Plans

We’re excited to share three new lesson plans that we think could be a great addition to your teaching toolbox this school year. These plans are carefully designed to complement your existing curriculum and provide even more reliable and relevant information for you and your students.

Sight Word Activities for the English Classroom by Brooke Leach Grable

Reading instruction in the United States starts as soon as children enter kindergarten at the age of five. While a comprehensive reading program is crucial for successful reading instruction, teaching sight words is also important. This article will cover sight words, the different lists available, and some enjoyable methods to incorporate sight words into the classroom.

Touch the Sky by Božica Šarić-Cvjetković

This lesson plan was created as a workshop for The British Council Serbia and demonstrated at the Belgrade Book Fair. The plan centres on a short film called “Touch the Sky,” directed by Tim Hahne. The film tells the inspiring story of Alex Zanardi, a former Formula 1 driver who lost both legs in an accident but went on to achieve the seemingly impossible – winning two gold medals at the Paralympics in London in 2012.

Invitations Role Play by Svetlana Gavrilović

Enhance your social skills by engaging in an interactive exercise that involves inviting, refusing, and accepting invitations. This uncomplicated activity will enable you to become more proficient in communicating your intentions and responding to the invitations of others.