The Final Battle: A Tale by Young Authors

By Vanja Jovanović and Andrej Pavlović, 4th-Grade Students, Primary School “Moša Pijade” Malo Crniće
Mentor: Nevena Stoilkov

Once upon a time, there were four entities living in different dimensions. One day, a boy from an early civilization woke up in a future world, finding himself alongside a robotic man and a deer with unusual attributes. He was the last to wake up of the three and was very confused about where he was.

Join us in celebrating the creativity and imagination of the young authors Vanja Jovanović and Andrej Pavlović as they take us on an adventurous journey through time and dimensions. Guided by their mentor, Nevena Stoilkov, these 4th-grade students from Primary School “Moša Pijade” in Malo Crniće have crafted an intriguing story that captivates and inspires.

Read more about “The Final Battle” and dive into the magical world they have created. Let’s encourage and celebrate the talents of our young writers!

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