Empowering Minds: A Comprehensive Lesson Plan for Women’s History Month 

Explore the insightful Lesson Plan on International Women’s Day, March 8th, meticulously crafted by Elmira Redžić, a teacher from High School ‘’Ismet Mujezinović’’ in Tuzla. 📚🎓

This journey aims to delve into the profound significance of March 8th as International Women’s Day, fostering an understanding of the contributions made by remarkable women throughout history. The lesson endeavours to inspire and empower by highlighting the pivotal role these women have played in advancing the position of their counterparts in society.

Together, we embark on a learning adventure, engaging in research, presentation, and discussion activities that revolve around the compelling narratives of women’s rights and achievements. Elmira’s Lesson Plan is a beacon, guiding us to not only acknowledge the milestones but also actively participate in the dialogue surrounding women’s empowerment. 🌍👩‍🏫💪

Quiz Materials can be downloaded here.