First Plenary Speaker Announced

A special treat for the coming New Year! We are delighted to announce that our first plenary speaker for the 21st ELTA Conference will be Borko Petrović, who won the 2022 Global Teacher Award for being the best teacher and educator in the world!

O Captain! My Captain!

I am the Captain of my boat! But there is a little thing called responsibility attached to my rank, as my sacred duty is to leave no man behind! That can get a bit tricky if you have about 200 men under your command. A good captain knows his business and his crew – no two are the same. Some may paddle faster, some may fall behind, but that’s ok. I know what my men can do, and so do they. How? Because we manage and control our abilities, our time, our direction and our deck. It can take us a bit longer to bring her home, but we always do it together as a team. If you need some advice on how to self-regulate your adventurous voyage and survive at sea with slim chances of mutiny, take it from your Captain, I am your man. Arrr! See you at the plenary!

Borko Petrović is an experienced and, above all, passionate English language teacher. He has been on his mission for the past 19 years, both as a primary and secondary school language teacher. His considerable experience includes working with kindergarten children, as well as university students and adults. Since 2007 he has been active as a teacher trainer delivering motivational speeches, seminars and workshops all over the Balkans as a country coordinator for TWI for the Children (Training Workshops International) from Springfield, US. For the last five years, Borko has been an active AFS member, volunteer and coordinator, working on student and teacher exchange programmes all over the world. His life’s work is his project “Knowledge without borders”, which has successfully gathered dozens of teachers and guest speakers since 2018, both from Serbia and abroad, in the hope of delivering high quality education to all the schools in the municipality of Paraćin. For his outstanding work, he has received multiple national and international awards and honours, the latest being the Global Teacher Award in New Delhi, India.


We are excited to welcome Borko to be a part of the 2023 ELTA Serbia Conference and look forward to sharing his work with us!

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