Conference Accommodation

Looking for a hotel? Finding a good one can be tricky. The ELTA Organizing Committee has prepared a list of recommended conference accommodations just for you!

Do not forget to book your conference accommodation well in advance to secure the best available rates.

Here are some of the favourite hotels near our event location. Check them and book directly with your preferred hotel for conference accommodation.

Hotel M (4-star hotel, the closest to the venue)

Link to Hotel M
Google maps directions

Hotel Majestic (3-star hotel)
Link to Hotel Majestic
Google maps directions

Hotel Zira Belgrade (4-star, top-of-the-range)
Link to Hotel Zira Belgrade
Google maps directions

Hotel Palace (4-star hotel)
Link to Hotel Palace
Google maps directions

Le Petit Piaf (4-star hotel)
Link to Hotel Le Petit Piaf
Google maps directions

Hotel Slavija (3-star hotel) 
Link to Hotel Slavija
Google maps directions

Hotel Royal Inn (4-star hotel)
Link to Hotel Royal Inn
Google maps directions

You can also look for more places to stay: