Teachers for Teachers


ELTA is a non-profit organization, and foreign partners and sponsors have largely reduced their investment in professional development schemes. That’s why we are launching this self-generated sustainable development project to offer English teachers in Serbia a fantastic opportunity to teach one another, learn from each other, exchange ideas, share good praxis, and drink coffee in a pleasant atmosphere – all for the price of a “coffee and cigarette” (250 din ELTA members, 500 din non-members).


Two hours of workshop/talk/chat with like-minded people. And, coffee. 🙂

Certificate of attendance (not approved by the Ministry, but it’s all about promoting professional skills, not points, sorry).


By inviting all interested teachers to apply with their own workshop/talk/open space theme (at office@elta.org.rs) in order to share their knowledge, skills and musings about teaching; by organizing these seminars in various towns in Serbia, thus trying to reach out to every English teacher.


Experienced ELTA teachers and foreign conference representatives for other language or subject teachers willing to share and gain.

American Corner

March 22, 2017Branka Dečković
"Obvious to You, Amazing to Others"

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Teacher Education Faculty
April 8, 2017Nataša Janković
"Evaluation, Testing and Assessment"
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XIII Belgrade Gymnasium

December 16, 2017Tijana Nešić Ristić
"Magic Quilt"
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4.Novi Sad

March 10, 2018Dejan Novaković
"Creating New Versions of Teaching Material for (V)YL"
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Oxford School
April 14, 2018Jelena Spasić
"Teaching and Learning Structures"
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Tom & Emma School of English
April 28, 2018Sofija Ljiljak-Vukajlović
"Aiming High with Gifted Learners"
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7.Stara Pazova
Simeon Aranicki Primary School
June 9, 2018Ana Tripković
"Learning Tools for Captivating Learners"
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