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Dear colleagues,

In cooperation with our colleagues from Slovenia, Hungary and Croatia, ELTA has organized a video competition for the 2nd grade students on a topic ‘’Our Hometown’’. The winners of our video competition are stated below. Congratulations to all of them! Take a look and be inspired by these amazing videos!

ELTA team

Kategorija (A) – Gimnazije

No.TeacherSchoolName of the VideoVideo Link
1.Adrijan AlispahićThe Bolyai Secondary Grammar School for Gifted Students, SentaProject X - Let’s Go Green
121 points
Project X - Let’s Go Green
2.Marija LukačGrammar and Economics School, KovinYoung and Green
111 points
Young and Green
3.Aleksandra BorovacGrammar School Dušan Vasiljev, KikindaLet’s Go Green/Raising the Awareness
92 points
Let’s Go Green/Raising the Awareness

Kategorija (B) – SSŠ

Br.TeacherSchoolName of the VideoVideo Link
1.Mirjana CvijovićSchool of Economics, UžiceRecover, Don’t Destroy
131 points
Recover, Don’t Destroy
2.Zorica ĐukićSchool of Pharmacy and Physiotherapy, BelgradeEco Tale
120 points
Eco Tale
3.Zorica ĐukićSchool of Pharmacy and Physiotherapy, BelgradeDon’t Be Blind
116 points
Don’t Be Blind


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