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English Access Microscholarship Program Award Ceremony

On October 15, cultural attaché of the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade, Ms Erika Kuenne, delivered certificates of award to the new class of English Access Microscholarship students in Serbia. The opening ceremony was held at the Municipal Library Petar Kocic in Belgrade and attended by 25 students and their proud parents.

Funded by the U.S. Department of State and implemented by U.S. Embassy Serbia and English Language Teachers’ Association – ELTA, the Access program provides two years of English language instruction to 13–15 year-old students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Through after-school courses, intensive summer sessions, cultural activities and enhancement seminars, Access students acquire English language skills, improve their knowledge of the American culture, and develop greater sensitivity to cultural differences. The ultimate goal of the program is to increase the student’s opportunities in the formal economy and make them more competitive for higher education awards and scholarships in the United States and in other countries.



ELTA Newsletter: September 2018

Dear colleagues,

We are sending you the last sunny spells of Indian summer wrapped up in this Newsletter for which we promise it is a page-turning issue. If it is to judge by articles you sent us, the previous school year was challenging, exciting and creative. We enjoyed reading about your professional development experiences and we certainly did wish to be your students and engage in activities you prepared for them.

Before you dive into reading these articles, we would like to thank to several important (groups of) people.

First, to our newly formed team of diligent editors who meticulously polished the following pages.

Then, to Maja Jerković, who was a marvelous editor-in-chief, keeping the whole team and the idea of Newsletter and Journal on her shoulders. Maja, we hope you know that ELTA Editorial team will always be your home.

We use this opportunity to welcome Milena Tanasijević, our new “captain”. Thank you for accepting the position of a new editor-in-chief.

Finally, thank you, our fellow teachers, researchers and students for reading and sharing your ideas and practices with us. Be inspired, keep inspiring and spread inspiration!

We wish you a super-exciting and fruitful school year! And, don’t forget to write to us on

From the Editorial Team