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Towards Better Understanding – 4th year in a row

In early September we had an opportunity to present the TBU 4 project and the 10th ELTA Annual Conference at the Regional Centres of Kruševac, Leskovac and Smederevo. The idea was to get the teachers interested in the acrredited programs at the beginning of a new academic year when the plans for professional development are being made. These presentations resulted in a busy schedule during the months that followed.

The first in a series of TBU 4 seminars was held in The Regional Center of Kruševac on 19th November 2011. The modern venue was a gathering place for about 25 English teachers from Kruševac and nearby towns. TBU seminars are designed and run by Serbian teachers who understand what kind of challenges their fellow colleagues face in their teaching practice. This seminar was another opportunity to tackle the problems of assessing in large classes, limited choice of teaching materials, making a professional development plan and taking different roles as a teacher, which were all addressed in four 90-minute workshops. At the beginning of the seminar, we had another opportunity to invite the teachers to attend ELTA 2012 Conference, share the memories from the past ones and remind them how important it is to be an ELTA member.


Past Seminars

Seminars are the preferred choice of professional teachers, providing an effective way to develop your career as a teacher of English and encourage debate on areas of contemporary interest in the field of English language teaching and learning.

Seminars: TBU in Ivanjica

The program Towards Better Understanding has been running for three years now. Yet, English language teachers from Ivanjica and nearby towns didn’t have the opportunity to take part until 19 the February. The seminar took place in Grammar School Ivanjica and it was attended by 36 enthusiastic teachers.

One of the trainers who ran the seminar was Željko Andrijanić who managed to “break the ice“ and “warm up“ the participants at the very beginning with his  “Warmers, Fillers and Ice-Breakers”. The teachers seemed to enjoy throwing the ice breaker ball, learning more about the presenter by asking questions and the luckiest managed to win the prize for their group in the general knowledge quiz. The afternoon session run by the same presenter was “Story Telling to Our Teenagers”. What the participants appreciated most was the fact that they were provided with the materials they could use when telling stories to their teenage students.

The participants were able to reconsider their beliefs about eliciting and asking questions in ELT  in two workshop led by Katarina Ristanović, another SITT trainer. They had a chance to learn how to respond to a question with another question if it is necessary, how to solve mysteries questioning each other and use their students as valuable resource whatever they plan to do in their classrooms.

At the end of the hard-working day the participants were invited to join ELTA and enjoy the benefits for members such as special rates for attending ELTA conference.