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ELTA Newsletter editorial team would like to make the announcement and call for papers for the first ELTA Journal. ELTA Journal will be submitted for scientific categorization to the Ministry of Education in Serbia. The aim is to publish and promote articles written by teachers with a particular emphasis on teachers researching their practice and thereafter spreading their findings with their professional community. Hence, if you are working on a project in your school/region, or have any ideas you would like to share, please contact us at

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Seminars: All the Good Reasons
By Biljana Pipović, Gimnazija “Stevan Jakovljević”, Vlasotince

Key words: teacher seminars, benefits, professional development
‘Sure my job title may say ‘teacher,’ but the truth is I’m a professional learner.’ (author unknown) Personally, I couldn’t agree more. I believe that teaching is an ongoing learning process because as the Latin proverb reads ‘By learning you will teach; by teaching you will understand.’ In other words, teaching and learning are so closely related that we cannot simply draw the line and say ‘This is where the learning stops and teaching begins.’
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Teaching English: TBL and PBL: Two learner-centred approaches
by Katherine Bilsborough

Key words: lesson planning, TBL, PBL, learner-centred approaches
Many newly qualified or inexperienced teachers tend to base their lesson planning on the traditional PPP approach (Presentation, Practice, Production) because it is reliable and it is a valid framework around which to base a series of classroom activities. It is also usually the best way of covering all the lexical areas and grammar points in the course book or syllabus. All good and well. The problem is that PPP serves the teacher’s needs but it is debatable whether or not it fulfills the needs of the learner.
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Interview with Ozge Karaoglu
By Dragana Jankovic, Kucevo, Violeta Velimirovic, Kucevo

She is an English teacher, teacher trainer and educational consultant, a technology enthusiast, and an inspiring young lady, who taught us, laughed with us, shared personal experience and organized a snowball fight in the middle of the summer in order to deliver us closer to the innovating teaching methods she has been using in her work.
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Beatlemania in primary school “Dušan Jerković” Užice
By Marina Jevtić, English Language Teacher Primary school “Dušan Jerković”, Užice

Key words: Beatles’ jubilee, student performance, music, literature, film
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the release of The Beatles’ first album, enthusiastic and talented students were singing, dancing and talking about The Beatles. The appearance of boys who imitated the Fab Four led to a standing ovation from the audience.
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Andrew Wright’s Creating Stories with Children
Book review
By Gordana Stoković, Teacher Training Faculty, University of Belgrade

Key words: stories, activities, groups, teaching English, creative work
The book “Creating stories with children” should be one of primary resource books not just for teachers who teach English as a foreign language, but for all people that work with children. It gives directions on key aspects of language teaching, supplies examples and models, as well as actual classroom materials and methods. The activities in the book are explained clearly and simply, with aims and age range.
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