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Our feature article is from a field we have not had so far –psycholinguistics. Don’t know what Garden path sentences are or how you might use them in your classroom? The answer is just a click away.

ELTA representatives have attended the first international conference organized by TETA (Tuzla’s English Teachers’ Association) and the 11th MSSUA (Moravian and Silesian Association of Teachers of English) conference, and they have shared with us the contagious enthusiasm they were greeted with and some practical ideas they got from the experience. We also have a report from the English Books’ summer school from the teachers inspired by the projects they were involved with this July.

If you are teaching teenagers you might want to use the ready made lesson with a warmer on learning styles and a creative way of telling a story that keeps students engaged.

All this, and much more awaits you in the new issue!

We would like to remind you that we have launched a new academic Journal and we are inviting you to become part of this new ELTA adventure. The first issue is in the making! Do contact us if you have any questions or ideas you would like to develop. Our team is here to help.

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Marija Ivanović, Maja Jerković, Miljana Mladenović, Bojana Nikić-Vujić and Olivera Ćatić

11th national and international MSSUA conference
By Katarina Ristanović, Takovski ustanak high school, Gornji Milanovac

Traditions and Innovations proved to be a perfect title for the conference that was held in Olomouc from the 13th-14th September 2013.
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The 1st International TETA conference and the 4th TELTS seminar
By by ELTA representatives: Ljiljana Poša, Sanja Čonjagić, Valentina Gavranović and Anica Đokić

The cooperation with Tuzla English Teachers’ Association (TETA) was initiated by their representatives who attended the 11th ELTA Serbia conference in May.
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Readymade Lesson Plan
By Jelena Pekovic, an English teacher

Teacher writes on the board quotation: “It is not work that kills men, it is worry.”
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Zita’s Savoury Cookies
By Bojana Malovic, a German teacher

Mix the whole amount of flour with the baking powder and salt (by hand), add yogurt and oil and the seeds in the end.
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5 Great Ways to Start the School Year
by Biljana Pipovic

Key words: time capsule, hand, collage, math, imagine
The new school year has just begun. Some studens are excited to take on the new experiences of meeting new friends, new teachers, new environment but some need a gentle push.
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English Book’s Summer School 2013 Project
By by Verica Amidzic, Bijeljina, Jasmina Spasojevic, Uzice, Ivana Mladenovic, Belgrade, Jasna Jovanovic, Kragujevac, Dragana Jankovic, Kucevo, Violeta Velimirovic, Kucevo, Azra Hadzihajdic, and Bijeljina, Nikolina Krstic, Bijeljina

Key words: seminar, English language teachers, activities, motivation
On July 2nd 2013, Novak Djokovic was preparing himself for another victory on Wimbledon, a lot of people in USA were buying firecrackers, one could buy 113,8482 dinars for 1 Euro, the Egyptians were demanding their President to resign.
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Take your students down the garden path – using psycholinguistics in teaching English
By: Nenad Jovanović, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, the Netherlands

Key words: psycholinguistics, garden path, sentence, syntax
“To take someone down the garden path“ means to deceive someone, to lead them into believing something is true, before they realize they were misled. There is a special kind of sentences which can do the same.
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Geneva Memoires
By Tamara Koranjic, a student, Faculty of Philology, Belgrade

Key words: travel, Geneva, vacation, story, experiences
This is a story about my trip to Geneva. I had to write this story down; since I’m afraid I will forget all those details that made this trip an adventure.
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Listening for young learners
by Wendy Arnold

Key words: nature of listening, skills, theories, comprehensible
In this article I will briefly focus on how I try to develop listening skills with our young learners who are learning English as an additional language.
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Readymade Lesson Plan for Teenage Learners
by Radmila Palinkasevic

Teacher starts with the vocabulary/memory game-Teacher tells the Ss that they have a minute to remember as many words as they can from the whiteboard (teacher can choose 15 words).
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