Welcome to the November issue of our Newsletter!

Get yourself a nice cup of tea, sit comfortably in your favourite reading spot and prepare to be warmed up by the dedication our contributors show in their papers. This is what awaits you:

– a report on how students and the school staff in Užice marked the European Literacy Day and the Day of European Languages and the creative energy that might inspire you to do a similar

project in your own community or school,

– a report from an ELTA representative on the 16th International INGED ELT conference in Izmir, Turkey called By Word of Mouth: Embracing Inspiring Practices and some interesting workshops

that caught our contributor’s attention,

– an overview of the types of trainings the Center for Vocational Education and Training from Montenegro (VET Center) offers for attaining and developing key skills and competencies


– a very interesting article we borrowed from our friends in Teaching English on how by acquiring language students appropriate a cultural identity and the teachers are thus social agents

who manage the cultural contexts of their classrooms.

Enjoy the reading!

Your editorial team

Teaching English: Sociocultural awareness in ELT
by Claudia Connolly

Key words: child development, social event, patterns, exchange, peer collaboration
The sociocultural element in learning is particularly sensitive in EFL because in acquiring a language there is, to some extent, an appropriation of a cultural identity too.
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International Literacy Day and European Day of Languages
by Marina Jevtić, primary school teacher at “Dušan Jerković”, Užice

Key words: literacy, european day of languages, international literacy
Teachers, librarians, and students of primary school “Dušan Jerković” from Užice organized classes of reading out loud, marking the International Literacy Day during the month of September. The pupils, teaching staff, parents and other guests heard about the global problem of illiteracy in the world, as well as about the importance of education.
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The 16th International INGED ELT Conference, Izmir, Turkey
by Vladimir Široki, ELTA Board

Key words: inged, turkey, annual turkey conference, partnership agreement
ELTA Serbia and INGED Turkey signed a partnership agreement in the spring of 2013 allowing the exchange of representatives at our annual conferences.
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Centre for Vocational Education and Training from Montenegro
by Ljiljana Garic, VET Centre

Key words: education, training, montenegro, vocational and adult education
Centre for Vocational Education and Training from Montenegro (VET Centre) has been in charge for developmental, advisory, research and professional affairs from the field of vocational and adult education.
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