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Storytelling – Benefits and Tips
Adapted from a workshop by Paula Stoyle, British Council, Jordan

Key words: stories, innate, intercultural expectations, benefits, performance
We often give stories to our students to read, but how often do we tell them a story? This article looks at the benefits of storytelling and gives advice on performance skills.
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Mathematical Multiathlon
by Jelena Trišović, IVb, Mathematical Grammar School, Belgrade

Key words: mathematics, tournament, multiathlon, Moscow
For the second time in two years, I participated in the Mathematical Multiathlon, a competition that has been held every November in Moscow since 2008.
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22nd Annual HUPE Conference, Opatija 25-27 April 2014
by Branka Dečković, Medical School “Sestre Ninković”, Kragujevac

Key words: conference, HUPE, Opatija, ELTA representative, teacher development
First time I went to this conference was three years ago. I wouldn’t have known about the conference if it hadn’t been for Ken Wilson, my favourite teacher and speaker.
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Invitations Role Play
by Svetlana Gavrilović, Grammar School, Užice

Key words: functional language, invitations, role cards, role play
Here is a simple activity for practicing the functional language of inviting people, refusing and accepting invitations.
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An Interview with Jamie Keddie
by Maja Jerković

Key words: conferences, speaker proposal, online video, ebook, professional development
It has been a great pleasure, honour and opportunity for me to do this interview with Jamie Keddie, a teacher trainer, author, presenter and ELT professional with a range of educational achievements in the field of language teaching and videotelling.
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