Dear readers,
We hope you have charged your batteries during summer and are getting ready to welcome another school year! To that end, we have prepared an issue of the Newsletter filled with practical ideas to enrich your classroom experience. We offer lesson plans on how to teach and revise prepositions to teenagers in a creative way, how to open important questions and send inspiring messages to a group of students leaving school, and how to introduce the topic of Down syndrome to adults, guiding the students through misconceptions, and positive and derogatory language used.
Our best regards to our colleagues from TeachingEnglish for lending us their article and we thank our diligent students for writing enthusiastically for our Students’ corner.
Be well and have a most successful school year!
Your Editorial Team

Tell it Again! The Storytelling Handbook for Primary English
Language Teachers
By Gail Ellis and Jean Brewster

Key words: story-based methodolog, resources, diverse needs, publications
This new revised edition of ‘Tell it Again!’ shows how a story-based methodology brings
together the best of primary English language teaching and the rich and motivating resource
of children’s literature.
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When I was a child
By Bajrama Muhamedagić

Key words: child, games, school
I used to live in a house when I was a child, but I don’t anymore. We used to have our own
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Castle in the air
by Iva Ilić and Miljana Dinčić

Key words: dragon, girl, horse
Once upon a time lived an emperor who had three sons and a daughter whom he fed and kept in a cage like his most precious treasure.
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21st TESOL Macedonia-Thrace Annual International Convention, 29th-30th March 2014, Thessaloniki, Greece
by Božica Šarić-Cvjetković, Primary school “Triva Vitasović Lebarnik”, Laćarak

Key words: conference, workshop, presentation, ELTA representative, professional development
I’ve been teaching since 2006 and attending teacher development seminars, workshops, summer schools and conferences ever since.
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Farewell Party
by Zorica Đukić, Secondary School of Pharmacy and Physiotherapy, Belgrade

Key words: functional language, invitations, role cards, role play
It has always been difficult for me to say goodbye to my senior students in their final year.
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Teaching/Learning Prepositions
by Bratislav Milosević, Aleksinac High School, Aleksinac

Key words: lesson plan, teaching prepositions, teenagers
To revise the prepositions of manner, movement, place, and time once the pupils have had a good understanding of the different kinds of prepositions and their uses during the past years.
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Down Syndrome Awareness Lesson Plan
by Vicky PapageorgiouAdjunct Lecturer, AMC College

Key words: Down-Syndrome, myths and facts, ability, skills
This is a lesson plan I prepared for my Speech and Language Therapy students at AMC College (Thessaloniki) to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day.
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