Dream a Little Dream: Empowering Students to Reach for the Stars

Welcome to our latest lesson plan collaboration, “Dream a Little Dream,” brought to you by Nemanja Miljković, Aleksandar Radovanović, and Bogdan Korać! 📚✨

Grade/Level: Mixed age group (10-15 years); B1
Duration: 90 minutes


  • Inspire and empower students to believe in their abilities to pursue any career or vocation they dream of, regardless of gender. 🌈
  • Enhance students’ reading, writing, drawing, and speaking skills through diverse activities. 📝🎨🗣️
  • Foster a supportive classroom environment where students feel valued and encouraged to share their dreams and aspirations. 🤝

Join us on this exciting journey as we encourage our students to reach for the stars and follow their dreams! ✨🌟