In Memoriam

Danijela Serafijanović

(1970 – 2015)

Eight years have passed since we bid farewell to our beloved colleague and esteemed ELTA president, Danijela Serafijanović. Today, we gather in solemn remembrance, our hearts heavy with the weight of her absence. In this humble and sorrowful moment, we seek solace in honouring her memory and the profound impact she left upon our lives.

Danijela was not just a colleague; she was a beacon of humility and kindness. Her gentle demeanour and warm smile brightened even the gloomiest of days. She possessed a remarkable ability to make everyone around her feel seen and valued, effortlessly fostering a sense of belonging within our team.

To our dear Danijela, you remain an irreplaceable part of our team, and your memory shall forever be etched within our hearts.