Conference Grant Opportunity

The U.S. Embassy in Belgrade provides 30 grants (20 conference grants for the new members and 10 conference grants for the old ELTA members) to less-advantaged teachers coming from less-resourced areas of Serbia to support their attendance at the ELTA Online Conference.

Each grant provides a waiver of the registration fee and each new member will be granted the annual ELTA membership.

Applicants for a Conference grant should be an English language teacher and thus should:

  • ​write a short motivational letter (up to 100 words) explaining why they want to take part in the Conference.
  • submit a short narrative about the Conference and how much it has impacted their teaching style as well as write about three of the presentations that they have found most useful, attractive, or inspiring.​

Your application should be submitted via this google form.

Application closes 18 May 2021.

You will receive information on the outcome of your grant application before 19 May 2021.​