ELTA and International House Syllabus Training Award

Dear ELTA members,

Please see details about the ELTA/International House Training Award below – this is a wonderful opportunity for all our members interested in professional development!

IH Syllabus, which is the Cambridge English CELTA and International House teacher training centre, and ELTA promote and support online teacher training and using technology in teaching.

We would like to offer a free IH Certificate for online tutoring course (IH COLT) which will lead to the qualification for tutoring on online teacher training courses.

About the award:

IH COLT is offered on the OTTI International House teacher training platform. Its aim is to train tutors in techniques and approaches to online tutoring for both student-oriented and teacher-oriented courses on Virtual Learning Environment. The course focuses on the demands of the asynchronous environments and how this is different from face-to-face teaching.

For more information please click on: https://ihworld.com/online-training/course/ih_certificate_online_tutoring


  1. Send your CV and motivational letter to elta.kancelarija@gmail.com
  2. List and describe 5 teaching activities which can be incorporated into online teaching

Each activity will be given 0 to 5 points according to the following criteria:

  • Interactivity
  • Innovativeness
  • Correlation with other school subjects
  • Applicability/relevance for the teaching context in Serbia

The Jury of experts will consist from six members (three members from IH Syllabus and three members from ELTA).

The winner is expected to write an overview of his/her activities for ELTA Newsletter and to give permission to have the activities published on ELTA and IH Syllabus sites.

All participants are expected to give permission to have their activities published on ELTA and IH Syllabus sites and share their ideas with teaching community.

Application deadline: 1 November 2015

We look forward to receiving your applications.