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ELTA Publication: Contributions to Creative Classrooms

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“Contributions to Creative Classrooms” is a unique ELTA publication. It is a collection of activities developed by the teachers who attended the ELTA/British Council training course “Creativity in the English Language Classroom”. The course was supported by the British Council and based on the British Council publication “Creativity in the English Language Classroom”.

The last training session allowed time for participants to experiment, use their creative potential, and design one creative activity. Almost every participant submitted an activity. After several selection phases, 45 activities were chosen and developed further. These are the activities that you will find in this publication.

Some of the activities use a familiar framework, but to our knowledge they have original elements in them. Additional reproducible material was designed for several activities.

While working on this publication, it became clear that teachers in Serbia have great creative potential. I hope that you will enjoy using the activities, and that this publication is the first of many of ELTA Teacher Resource Books.

Olja Milošević

ELTA President

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Contributions to Creative Classrooms


Program besplatnih časova engleskog jezika (Niš i Beograd)


Drage kolege,

Udruženje nastavnika engleskog jezika – ELTA uz podršku Američke ambasade poziva osnovce i srednjoškolce uzrasta od 13 do 15 godina da se prijave za dvogodišnji program besplatnih časova engleskog jezika.

Program je namenjen isključivo učenicima iz socijalno ugroženih porodica iz Niša i Beograda. Broj učenika je ograničen, a izbor kandidata će izvršiti predstavnici Udruženja nastavnika engleskog jezika – ELTA i Američke ambasade.

Molimo nastavnike engleskog jezika i odeljenske starešine da na osnovu pomenutih kriterijuma predlože potencijalne kandidate i da im pomognu da se, uz saglasnost roditelja, prijave za program.

O programu:

The English Access Microscholarship Program (Access) je stipendijski program koji pruža osnove engleskog jezika učenicima od 13 do 15 godina kojima ekonomska situacija ne dozvoljava da pohađaju časove engleskog jezika van školske nastave. Program se odvija posle školskih časova u trajanju od dve godine. Kroz nastavu engleskog jezika i dodatne aktivnosti, učenici će steći uvid u američku kulturu i demokratske vrednosti, koje će im omogućiti da iskoriste prilike koje su im prethodno bile nedostupne.

Kako se prijaviti:

Prijavni obrazac je priložen uz ovaj poziv. Rok za dostavljanje obrasca je od 24. avgusta do 18. septembra 2016. na dole navedene i-mejl adrese.

Ukoliko želite da saznate nešto više o ovom programu, posetite našu Facebook stranicu.

Srdačan pozdrav,

Access tim

Prijavni obrazac za učenike Microsoft Word
Prijavni obrazac za učenike Microsoft Word (123KB)
Prijavni obrazac za učenike PDF
Prijavni obrazac za učenike PDF (309KB)

Untitled design

Shakespeare 400 by Ljiljana Radanov

Shakespeare’s Days

May brought distant reflections of renaissance to our school – as we decided to join the global activities marking 400 years since Shakespeare’s death and to dedicate the whole month to them. The school corridors and the main hall flourished suddenly with all the richness of Shakespeare’s words. We could read his quotations everywhere. We could enjoy the students’ creative drawings and paintings of the scenes from his plays.

To remind ourselves of the customs of Shakespeare’s country, class 64 held an English tea party and invited their parents. We baked shortbread biscuits, made some tea and prepared a presentation with quotations from Shakespeare’s plays and each student has his or her own quotation to tell in both English and Serbian. We listened to English renaissance music.

The performance of “Romeo and Juliet” was the highlight of the month. Tens of students and several teachers had been working hard for weeks to achieve the perfection we saw on the stage. You didn’t have a sense of watching the students’ play – it was a work of professionals. Lovely girl Julia, cheerful Romeo, dignified Paris, nervous Tybalt and witty Nurse took our breath away, just like other young actors with their minor appearances on the scene. Their costumes, the scenery with Julia’s balcony all grown in red roses, the might of the music that accompanied each scene joyfully or dramatically, were all breath-taking.

The audience wept at the end, moved to the bottom of their heart with what was happening on the stage. The young actors sent a message to the world that a young actress, solemn young Shakespeare in person said in her perfect English:

“To be able to love, Romeo and Juliet had to die and Verona had to change in order to live. Because it has always been and it will always be that darkness cannot drive darkness away – only light can do that. Hatred cannot be driven away by hatred, only love can do that – only love because love is life and hatred is destruction. “

by Ljiljana Radanov, English teacher, Primary School “Branko Radičević” Šid

Shakespeare’s Days


ELTA Representative for the 9th ELTAM-IATEFL-TESOL International Biannual Conference


Dear ELTA members,

ELTA is looking for the official representative to attend and give a presentation at the 9th ELTAM-IATEFL-TESOL International Biannual Conference, 14-16 October 2016 in Struga, Republic of Macedonia. The topic of the conference is ‘Re-imagining teaching: Rejuvenating and transforming classroom practices’.

For more info about the conference please visit

If you are interested, please send your abstract (max 200 words) and the motivation letter to not later than 7 July 2016.

Your ELTA team