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ELTA’s Chat Room

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Welcome to ELTA’s Chat Room
Everything you’ve always wanted to know about ELTA, but were ‘afraid’ to ask :)

Welcome an ELTA’s coordinator or a Managing Board member on your premises and we’ll be there for you to discuss issues of common interest.

Learn from your ELTA’s representative about our ongoing projects and cooperation with other ELT associations. Check how to apply for international conferences or write papers for our journal. Share ideas or impressions about ELTA’s various activities.

  • You’d like to know what we do? We’ll share it all with you.
  • You have a question to ask? The answer is a must for us.
  • You have a dilemma or a special case? We’ll deal with it face to face.
  • You have an idea for us to hear?  We’ll be happy to lend you an ear.
  • You have a terrific action plan? Welcome to our creative clan!

We are organising ELTA’s Chat Room in the period March-April 2016. ELTA’s regional coordinators and MB members are ready to welcome you in the following cities and towns:

1.SentaDragana Videnov
Emese Both
3.Smederevska PalankaDragana Andrić
4.AranđelovacMarijana Matić
Branka Dečković
5.AleksinacOlja Milošević
6.NišSanja Tasić
7.Novi PazarĐurđica Š
8.ČačakKatarina Ristanović
9.VranjeTatjana Jancić
10.ŠabacSanja Čonjagić

Send your application to our coordinator by February 29th and join our colleagues in ELTA’s Chat Room.

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ELTA Happy Day & Special Offer for Schools

1 March

ELTA is having Happy Day membership discount again!

Join us on 1 March 2016 for yet another ELTA Happy Day when you will be able to renew your ELTA membership or become a brand new member of the ever-growing community of English teachers, students and ELT professionals.

  • Individual membership rate: 1500 RSD
  • Student membership rate: 500 RSD

For more information, you can read the section How to become a member on our website.

Take care of the professional development needs at your school!

  • 2+1 Institutional Conference Fee* – We would like to use this opportunity to inform you about our special offer for schools for the 14th ELTA Serbia Conference. Your schools can pay 2 conference fees and get one for free!
  • 2+1 Institutional Membership – Institutional membership allows access to ELTA Serbia events for your teachers. Your schools can pay 2 full membership fees (4000 RSD) and get one gratis!

Please complete the membership and/or the registration form and then simply follow the procedure described in the form itself!

For further information please contact

*only for payments made on 1 March 2016 (3+1 offer for schools valid until 22 April 2016)

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ELTA Competitions for Teachers and Students


Dear colleagues,

To mark 400 years since Shakespeare’s death, ELTA is organizing two competitions for English language teachers and students.

We invite you to send your authentic lesson plans, quizzes, games and other classroom activities related to the Bard’s life and work, which will be posted on ELTA’s site and Facebook page. Each month from February to May 2016, two book prizes will be given to teachers who send us the most inspiring ideas, and in June 2016, the teacher whose activity wins the most likes on Facebook will be given a special prize.

We would also like to invite you to send us your or your students’ illustrations/drawings/paintings/photos/collages of Shakespeare’s quotes which we will post on our Facebook page and, with your help, choose the best illustration in June 2016 and reward its author.

You can send your contributions to Both competitions are sponsored by The English Book Belgrade.

Let us also remind you that we are looking forward to the reports and photos of your or your students’ visits to Stratford-upon-Avon or London’s Globe as well as your news of the special events that will be taking place in your schools and towns to celebrate this special anniversary year.

Join in the celebrations of the lasting legacy of the world’s greatest playwright and share your events and activities with us!


ELTA team


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