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ELTA Newsletter: January-February 2015


Dear colleagues,

We are happy to present you the first issue of our newsletter for the New Year, 2015, and a whole new editorial team who have worked on the making of it! First and foremost, we would like to thank all the writers who have contributed with articles and all of you who read our newsletter and support us in every way.

In this issue, the Feature Article is by Ivana Banković who writes about Sociocultural theory and Second Language Acquisition. In the Academic Corner section, we have Dominic Edsall from Kyoto (Japan), who explores teacher development in Japan against the background of global trends through the case study of two Japanese teachers of English. Also, Gordana Vladisavljević, who presents us a case study on the Necessity for Explicit Teaching in the Area of Adverbial Word Order.

In our regular columns now, we can enjoy Božica Šarić-Cvjetković’s Lesson Plan around a short film “Touch the sky”. Anja Prentić reflects on her experience as a participant in one of SEETA’s closed courses and also presents us her Christmas Eve story, inspired by it (ELT Flash Section). Marko Šundić tells us about the funny translation errors and students’ lapses that he has collected over the years and how he uses them so that his students can profit from them (Young Learners’ Playground Section). Finally, in the Students’ Corner, Ranko Radojević shares his poems with us and Nemanja Palić invites us to read about dragon-hunting in his imaginary world.

We hope you will enjoy reading this newsletter and we encourage you to contribute and write for the ELTA Newsletter and share your ideas and experience with other colleagues.

Write to us on!

All the best,

ELTA Editorial Team

New Editorial Team
By Maja Jerković, Editor-in-Chief

Key words: ELTA, editorial, team
ELTA Newsletter has been in circulation for so many years and it is a result of devoted volunteers who have worked together to help our English teachers’ voices be heard.
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Sociocultural Theory and Second Language Acquisition
By Ivana Banković, country representative of the Erasmus Mundus Student and Alumni Association for Serbia

Key words: Sociocultural theory, SLA, Mediation, Internalization, ZPD
The sociocultural theory explains children’s learning and development and allows one to better understand children’s learning and the influence of both adults and peers on the learning process.
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Global Lessons from Teacher Development in Japan
By Dominic Edsall, Ritsumeikan Primary School, Kyoto, Japan

Key words: teacher development, teacher education, Japan, EFL, TESOL
This paper explores teacher development in Japan against the background of global trends through the case study of two Japanese teachers of English.
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The Necessity for Explicit Teaching in the Area of Adverbial Word
By Gordana Vladisavljević, Educons University, Sremska Kamenica

Key words: adverbial word order, English language, Serbian language, error, interference
This paper represents the author’s attempt to investigate the phenomenon of word order acquisition by analysing the adverbial word order errors in writing of adult Serbian learners of English as a foreign language (EFL).
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By Ranko Radojević, a student from Zrenjanin

Key words: poems
The bright, hopefilled/dome never fell,/For dreams it held came to fruition,/Guarding the glass of the luminous shell,/The symbols of time to envision.
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My Favorite Extreme Sport
By Nemanja Palić, student of Japanese language and literature, Belgrade; former student of Medical school, Kragujevac

Key words: extreme, sports
Among my favorite sports is definitely dragonhunting. It is an old and revered sport, and many legendary persons have practiced it during the centuries. I hope to have my name added to the list of those people.
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Get a Laugh
By Marko Šundić, English teacher at primary school “Jovan Popović”, Kragujevac

Key words: young learners, humor in class, funny translations
Hello. My name is Marko Šundić and I have been teaching English at “Jovan Popović” primary school in Kragujevac since 2004.
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Christmas Eve Story
By Anja Prentić, Ph.D. student, Belgrade University, Elementary school “Knez Sima Marković”

Key words: storytelling, online course, SEETA, young learners
This article is inspired by an engaging experience I had as a participant in one of SEETA’s closed courses.
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Touch the Sky
By Božica Šarić-Cvjetković

Key words: sports, accident, life attitude, success, feelings
This lesson plan was created as a workshop for The British Council Serbia and demonstrated at the Belgrade Book Fair.
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ELTA Journal Volume 2 No. 2

Dear colleagues,

ELTA is proud to present the second issue of ELTA Journal.

In this first issue, last December, we presented the ideas that have shaped the creation of ELTA Journal and, this year, we would like to introduce new ideas that have guided us in developing this issue. Our aim was to connect research and practice and to present some theoretical considerations in the field of ELT. Our journal is blind peer-reviewed, allowing our authors to have their articles rechecked, reevaluated and inspected by unbiased experts.

Carefully selected articles that we have prepared for you in this issue are written by teachers, associate professors and researchers in the ELT field. For some authors this is another way of reflecting on their practice and, for others, this is a form of teacher development.

We hope you enjoy reading this issue and we look forward to receiving your feedback and article contributions for our next issue.

Yours faithfully,

ELTA Journal Editorial Team

ELTA Newsletter: November-December 2014


Dear Colleagues,

We wish you a lot of fruitful lessons and professional growth in New Year. Use the upcoming holiday to enjoy spending a lot of quality time with the people dear to you, and remember to read our new issue of ELTA Newsletter.

In this edition we bring you some of the articles from our Archive and some new ones, as well. You can read about the seminars that were held and some upcoming events that we have selected for you.

We encourage you to contribute, write for ELTA Newsletter and share your ideas and experience with other colleagues.

Write to us on!

All the best,

ELTA Editorial Team

Heroic Destiny of Shakespeare’s Heroines: “Courage, thy name is woman!”
By Miljan Jankovic, Vocational Medical School, Zrenjanin

Key words: rules, principles, views, woman
Society has been imposing rules, views and principles on people in order that they should follow them unquestioningly.
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Brain Teasers for Enhancing Students’ Motivation
By Andrea Rac, Secondary Vocational School of Agriculture and Food Processing, Sombor

Key words: small group, guessing game
When you have done with your lesson and have several minutes left in the class, you can introduce funny brain teasers.
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The Remains of the Day (1993) – Review
By Nikola Kostic, Mathematical High School, Belgrade

Key words: drama, actors, review
Thank you for recommending this movie to me. A quiet but very powerful drama, that shows how alienation from one’s true feelings and self-delusion inevitably lead to heartbreak.
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Halloween Literary Contest
By Svetlana Gavrilovic, Uzice Grammar School, Uzice

Key words: Halloween, tradition, fear
Traditionally, students and English teachers of Uzice Grammar School organize annual literary contests exploring a variety of topics and poetic forms.
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By Valerija Palinkas, Medical School, Zrenjanin

Key words: poem
On 24th of December we celebrate/Don’t forget that date!/The little Jesus was born/In that time was a snowstorm.
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My English Book Quiz
By Marina Jevtic, Dusan Jerkovic Primary School, Uzice

Key words: CLIL, quiz, students
CLIL quiz of general knowledge held on November 15th, 2014 gathered 48 students from 5th to 8th grades of six city and two rural schools from Uzice.
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Towards Better Understanding 7 Kragujevac
By Branka Deckovic, Medical School, Kragujevac

Key words: towards better understanding, seminar, teacher development, Kragujevac
I have been ELTA coordinator for 3 years, and it’s been a wonderful experience. After having coordinated several seminars for ELTA, I’ve gained experience, so, organizing a seminar is not at all as stressful as it used to be in the beginning.
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‘Practical Activities for Balanced Listening Instructions’ by Beth Sheppard from University of Oregon
Reviewed by Zorica Djukic, Centre for Foreign Languages, Belgrade

Key words: webinar, listening, activities, dictation, repetition, meaning, fluency, strategy
As part of an online course: Shaping the way we learn, Beth Sheppard had an interesting presentation on listening.
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CLIL Project: Fairy Tales
By Danijela Ljubojevic, Kosta Abrasevic Primary School, Belgrade

Key words: young learners, CLIL, lesson plan
Teaching young learners is very challenging and requires a lot of effort and creativity.
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New Editors and Editor-in-Chief Needed!

Dear members of ELTA,

We are looking for new editors and editor-in-chief for ELTA publications: MELT, Newsletter and ELTA Journal. If you are energetic, full of great ideas and if you have a little bit of free time for volunteering, then you are just the person for this job!

If you are interested, please send a short CV and an essay on how you see your role in the editorial team and how you can contribute to making our publications even better!

The address is The deadline is December 22.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

ELTA Serbia team


2015 Registration OPEN

Dear conference participants, students and speakers,

We have added the registration forms for the 13th ELTA Serbia Conference on this website, so you can directly go to the registration page and download them. Please choose the appropriate form, fill it and send it at the address provided on the same page.


Deadline for speaker proposal submission: March 9, 2015

Early bird registration: March 23, 2015

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