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ELTA ECO Challenge: It’s Voting Time!

It’s voting time!

ELTA team would like to thank all the teachers and their students who took part in this year’s competition and contributed to its success.

Over 140 students have created almost 60 posters, comics, poems and videos to raise ecological awareness and protect the environment. Together, we have achieved the goal of our competition and helped our world become a cleaner and greener place!

After much thought and careful consideration, a three-member ELTA committee has decided to post 18 best projects out of 54 for voting. The three projects in each category, primary and secondary, with most votes will be announced by the end of this month and awarded main prizes.

Voting ends on 20 March!

You can give your vote to ONE project only! Multiple votes will be disqualified.

Let the voting begin!

ECO Challenge Finalists