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Small Bites for Teaching and Learning English

We are pleased to announce that the project “Small Bites for Teaching and Learning English”, a series of half-day professional development seminars, will be offered to teachers in Serbia.


The workshops are designed by teachers and your ELTA team. They cover a range of topics, from teaching with minimal resources to using songs in the context of multiple intelligences. In each town, a different topic will be covered, and we hope that it will be just the one you are most interested in.

The workshops will be held in the following towns during February-March 2017.

TŠ "23. maj"
4 FebruaryMarija Lukač
"Bite-sized Education for Human Rights"
Gimnazija "Predrag Kostić"

25 FebruaryJelena Spasić
"Storytelling with The Giving Tree"
OŠ "Ljupče Nikolić"
4 March Jelena Obradović
"Dyslexia – What should I do?"
4.Sremska Mitrovica
OŠ "J. J. Zmaj"
4 March Ana Tripković
"Learning and Laughing"
Gradska biblioteka "Karlo Bijelicki"

4 MarchAleksandra Jevtović
"Pictures into Words"
11 March Dejan Novaković
"Using games in ELT"
OŠ "Milić Rakić Mirko"
18 March Tatjana Jancić
"Talk Show Games"

If you are interested in attending “Small Bites for Teaching and Learning English”, please contact your regional coordinator ( and book your place. The seminar is free of charge.

The program is not accredited by the Ministry of Education, but all the participants will receive an electronic certificate of attendance.

Please, note that refreshments are not provided.