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ELTA Coordinators for Belgrade

ELTA is looking for coordinators for Belgrade

Dear colleagues,

ELTA is looking for coordinators for Belgrade. In order to become one, you need to be an ELTA member and show willingness, enthusiasm and readiness to engage yourself in ELTA work.

– The job of the ELTA coordinator is:

– To promote the Association and its activities whenever and wherever possible;

– To recruit new members;

– To distribute/share information about ELTA activities in their region;

– To organize or assist in the organization of ELTA seminars and other activities in their region.

Being an ELTA regional coordinator is a great opportunity to develop professionally as well as personally, acquire management and leadership skills and be among people who are visionaries and use the first-rate educational and networking opportunities to change things in their region for the better.

You can send your applications to by 30 September. We are all looking forward to them.


ELTA team

ELTA Journal: Call for Papers

Deadline: 31 October 2017

Dear fellow teachers,

We invite all ELT professionals to participate in our online publication – ELTA Journal

The journal represents a unique knowledge bank, which you will refer to in order to gain a little more insight into theoretical backgrounds behind certain aspects of your work or get a glimpse of new ideas and latest methodologies you might implement in your own teaching. It also publishes foreign researchers’ papers which will internationalise it and put our teachers on a broader ELT map.

Our team is at your disposal for guidance and support should you have doubts regarding any aspect of your writing, structure- or content-wise.

Please contact our team if you are interested at

Yours sincerely,
ELTA Newsletter editorial team



IATEFL ESPSIG One-day Conference in Belgrade


IATEFL ESPSIG Belgrade One-day joint event
9 December 2017
Theme: Curriculum design impact on negotiation of learning process


Call for Papers

The IATEFL ESPSIG one-day conference in Belgrade, Serbia aims to explore the following key questions and many more based on the contribution of the presenters and delegates. We expect that our theme will bring together a diverse range of researchers and practitioners in professional, vocational and academic English to share their views, and practices which are applicable to other EAP and ESP contexts eg:

  • Key issues in ESP curriculum design
  • Developing communicative syllabus design in the EAP/ESP
  • Integrating Multimedia Computer Assisted Language Learning into an English for Specific Purposes Curriculum
  • Needs analysis in developing ESP/EAP materials
Two scholarships of 250 GBP each are offered to  two new ESP SIG members


Format of the ESPSIG International Conference:

We intend to have a more interactional mode throughout the day so that the audience is given plenty of time to interact and share their context. The format is fluid to meet the expectations of the presenters and the delegates. We welcome a variety of formats as listed below:

  • Papers: 20 minutes followed by a 10-minute discussion
  • Workshops: 45 minutes (incl. a 10-minute discussion)
  • Presentation of posters: 15 minutes followed by a 10-minute discussion
  • Forum of 3 presenters: 30 minutes presentation followed by a 10-minute discussion


Each speaker has the opportunity to present two papers.
Accepted presentations will also be published in the ESPSIG Journal.


We are looking forward to your contributions as presenters and facilitators.

If you would like to contribute to the facilitation of the day or lead the discussions please get in touch with Aysen Guven:


Conference fees
Online early-bird booking fee from 22 August – 25 October 2017

€60 for IATEFL members (incl. speakers)

 €80 for non-IATEFL members (incl. speakers)

Online booking fee from 25 October – 3 December 2017

€75 for IATEFL members

 €95 for non-IATEFL members

Deadline of paper submission: 30th September 2017

Please submit your proposal by email to


CALL FOR PAPERS (download)


Program besplatnih časova engleskog jezika: Beograd, Vranje i Bujanovac

Program besplatnih časova engleskog jezika: Beograd, Vranje i Bujanovac

Udruženje nastavnika engleskog jezika “ELTA” uz podršku Američke ambasade poziva osnovce i srednjoškolce uzrasta od 13 do 15 godina da se prijave za dvogodišnji program besplatnih časova engleskog jezika.

Stipendijski program “The English Access Microscholarship Program” pruža osnove engleskog jezika i namenjen je učenicima iz socijalno ugroženih porodica. Traje dve godine i odvija se posle školskih časova. Kroz nastavu engleskog jezika i dodatne aktivnosti, učenici će imati mogućnost da steknu uvid u američku kulturu i demokratske vrednosti.

Broj učenika je ograničen, a izbor kandidata će izvršiti predstavnici Udruženja i Američke ambasade.

Molimo nastavnike engleskog jezika i odeljenske starešine da na osnovu pomenutih kriterijuma predlože potencijalne kandidate i da im pomognu da se, uz saglasnost roditelja, prijave za ovaj program.

Ukoliko želite da saznate nešto više o ovom programu, posetite našu Facebook stranicu.

Rok za prijavu je 30. septembar 2017.

Access tim