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ELTA Happy Day | 21 March 2019

Као чланица највећих међународних удружења, IATEFL и TESOL, чији је циљ унапређивање наставе страних језика, ЕЛТА прати сва достигнућа у овој области у свету.

Коме је намењена ЕЛТА?

ЕЛТА (English Language Teachers’ Association) је национално удружење које окупља:

  • наставнике и професоре енглеског језика, како оне на почетку каријере, тако и оне са мањим или великим искуством
  • стручњаке у области наставе страних језика
Шта ЕЛТА нуди?

Циљ Удружења је унапређивање наставе енглеског језика у нашој земљи, а у сарадњи са свим заинтересованим појединцима и установама, ЕЛТА омогућава професионално усавршавање путем:

  • акредитованих семинара
  • бесплатних семинара
  • годишње конференције по повлашћеним ценама за своје чланове
  • могућности учествовања на конференцијама у региону у својству предавача
  • годишње IATEFL чланарине по повлашћеној цени за чланове
  • могућности објављивања радова у билтену Удружења ЕЛТА Newsletter и електронској публикацији ЕЛТА Journal
  • могућности сарадње са колегама из других националних асоцијација
Колико износи учлањење?

Годишња чланарина износи 1.500,00 дин. Ова цена важи само на дан промотивне чланарине, 21. марта 2019. године.

2+1 Понуда за школе
Школе које учлане два наставника по пуној цени годишње чланарине (4.000,00 дин), стичу право на једну гратис чланарину.
17. ЕЛТА конференцијa

Конференција се одржава 10. и 11. маја 2019. на Учитељском факултету у Београду. Биће акредитована као стручни скуп у Заводу за унапређивање образовања и васпитања.


3+1 Понуда за школе

Омогућава учешће по повлашћеним ценама свим учесницима који се до 15. априла 2019. године пријаве путем електронске пријаве. Школе које пријаве три учесника, стичу право на једну гратис котизацију.


Има за пленарне предаваче светски признате експерте, које предводе:

Beverly Ann Chin
Alan Maley
Mike Shreeve
Linda Steyne
Fiona Dalziel
Alistair Starling
Sarah Ellis
Matthew Fitzjohn

Колико износи регистрација?

Котизација за чланове Удружења износи 3.600,00 дин за оба дана и 2.200,00 дин за један дан конференције. Котизација за оне који нису чланови Удружења износи 5.400,00 дин за оба дана и 4.000,00 дин за један дан конференције. 


Линкови за учлањење и регистрацију за конференцију:

Образац за индивидуално учлањење
Образац за институционално учлањење
Образац за регистрацију



1st International / 5th National Conference ELTAM Days 2019

Dear colleagues,

We are delighted to announce the 1st International / 5th National Conference ELTAM Days 2019, organised by our partner association in Montenegro. The conference is entitled “Empowering 21st century learners and educators: Meeting challenges, exploring solutions” and will be held on 21st and 22nd June at the Faculty of Philology, Niksic. Call for papers is opened until 19th March, 2019. For more details visit

Your ELTA team

Eighth Plenary Speaker Announced!

Matthew Fitzjohn


Matthew Fitzjohn is an archaeologist in the department of Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology at the University of Liverpool. Matthew’s research is primarily focused on the archaeology of Italy and Greece from the Iron Age through to the Classical period (First millennium BCE). His work investigates the relations between people and the places that they inhabit by developing historical geographies of everyday life at a range of scales (in domestic spaces, city and countryside). These relations are examined in a number of his publications on domestic architecture, and how the fragments of ancient houses can be used as the building blocks to help articulate his ideas on embodied learning and the role of habitual bodily practices on identity formation across the Greek world. Matthew is heavily involved in undergraduate and postgraduate archaeology teaching. His research on houses and experiences, and the digital methods he uses to analyse material. An important part of his teaching is using digital technology and enquiry based learning.

Most recently, Matthew has been working with educators in Primary and Secondary schools in the UK on a research project, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, to develop ways to enhance pupil experience and engagement as they learn about Ancient Greece.


Sixth and Seventh Plenary Speakers Announced!

Alistair Starling

Alistair leads our business-to-government efforts on the ground across Europe and North Africa, in close liaison with our International Development team in Cambridge. Alistair was previously Regional Director Northern Europe in our Berlin office. He works closely with Directors in other regions and colleagues in Cambridge in formulating and implementing global strategies.

Alistair is passionate about language learning, taught English in Italy for 2 years, and learnt German, Italian and French by working overseas most of his adult life. Before joining in November 2013, he was Higher Executive Officer in the British Diplomatic Service (Foreign & Commonwealth Office), and General Manager, in the UK’s National Trust.

Previously, Alistair headed up the Inward Investment Team for UK Trade & Investment in Italy for 4 years, following 10 years in the private sector in the UK and Italy, culminating in heading up Marketing for a multinational software company based in Milan.



Sarah Ellis

Sarah is interested in Assessment, Learning & Professional Development and has an extensive background in teaching, teacher training, assessment and exam management. She has trained teachers on CELTA and DELTA courses and is currently is involved in the Cambridge Assessment English teacher support programme which provides information, materials and support for teachers and academic directors.

She is particularly interested in supporting teachers in developing digital skills and assessment literacy.



Last Day to Submit Your Abstract!

Are you an English teacher offering a new approach to an old concept?
Are you an English teacher with some fresh and groundbreaking ideas for the language classroom?
Are you an English teacher who wants to show to others what works with your students?
Join us at the 17th ELTA Conference and share your insights with your colleagues to make the world of English teaching better!


Abstract submission deadline: 18 February 2019
Early bird registration deadline: 15 April 2019


Please choose one of the proposed online forms to fill out:

Speaker Proposal Form
Participant Registration Form
Student Registration Form


We look forward to seeing you in May!
ELTA team




The conference will be accredited by the Institute for Educational Advancement.

You can register on-site at the Teacher Education Faculty after 15 April 2019. Please note that on-site registration for the conference does not guarantee the availability of the conference material.

Refreshments are provided. Lunch is not provided. Attendees may bring their own lunch or leave the venue to purchase lunch. Please see the list of area restaurants and bakeries.