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ELTA’s Teachers for Teachers Workshop: Obvious to You, Amazing to Others


Welcome to ELTA’s Teachers for Teachers Workshop
“Obvious to You, Amazing to Others”

Presenter: Branka Dečković
Date: March 22, 2017
Time: 5:00 p.m.
Duration: 120 mins
Venue: American Corner, Dr Zorana Đinđića 10/III, Kragujevac
This workshop is about sharing ideas. Everybody’s ideas seem obvious to them. Others might find these ideas amazing. Do you sometimes ask yourself if what you are doing is worth sharing with others? Do you ask yourself if you are alone in this, or if there are like-minded people out there? Do you ask yourself where to begin, how to state a problem, how to do the research, what to do first? How to write an abstract? How to prepare for a talk? The one thing you need is – authentic passion – “You can just have this and nothing else and you will still rock the world” (Richard Greene – TEDx OrangeCoast 32014.) It should be easy to talk about something you are passionate about, shouldn’t it? By the end of this workshop, I hope the spark of curiosity will be lit among the teachers, and we will see more of those who are ready to share their “obviousness”.


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Welcome to ELTA’s Teachers for Teachers Workshop: Evaluation, Testing and Assessment

Welcome to ELTA’s Teachers for Teachers Workshop:
Evaluation, Testing and Assessment

Presenter: Nataša Janković, English language lecturer
Date: April 8th, 2017
Time: 1:00 p.m.
Duration: 90 mins
Venue: Teacher Education Faculty, Belgrade, 43 Kraljice Natalije, II floor, classroom no. 32

Target groups: primary, secondary and tertiary level language and subject teachers from state or private schools and institutions


  • What do we know about evaluation, testing and assessment?
  • How do we evaluate, test and assess our EL learners’ knowledge and skills?
  • Why are the three processes important for the development of students’ language ability?


Teaching methods, approaches, tips and techniques are undoubtedly the pivotal issues in teacher training.But what about testing? How do we go about it? What makes testing different from evaluation? What is our assessment grounded on? How can we make these classroom procedures more objective?

The workshop welcomes critical thinking about these questions crucial for our teaching practice.After a brief overview of the key title concepts, the participants will have an opportunity to analyze, compare and judge samples of test tasks and procedures. We will then engage in activities that will help us bring our teacher-made tests closer to standardized test formats.

Substantiated by data collected in research, the final workshop stage will focus on the basic criteria and principles underpinning assessment in foreign language classrooms.Objective grading is a prerequisite for students’ self-confidence and their driving force towards higher levels of achievement.

By the end of the workshop, we will have defined some subject-specific criteria that need to be taken into consideration during written and oral assessment if we want to aim for better teaching outcomes.

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Teachers for Teachers



ELTA is a non-profit organization, and foreign partners and sponsors have largely reduced their investment in professional development schemes. That’s why we are launching this self-generated sustainable development project to offer English teachers in Serbia a fantastic opportunity to teach one another, learn from each other, exchange ideas, share good praxis, and drink coffee in a pleasant atmosphere – all for the price of a “coffee and cigarette” (250 din ELTA members, 500 din non-members).



Two hours of workshop/talk/chat with like-minded people. And, coffee. 🙂

Certificate of attendance (not approved by the Ministry, but it’s all about promoting professional skills, not points, sorry).



By inviting all interested teachers to apply with their own workshop/talk/open space theme (at in order to share their knowledge, skills and musings about teaching; by organizing these seminars in various towns in Serbia, thus trying to reach out to every English teacher.



Experienced ELTA teachers and foreign conference representatives for other language or subject teachers willing to share and gain.




American Corner

March 22, 2017Branka Dečković
"Obvious to You, Amazing to Others"

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Teacher Education Faculty
April 8, 2017Nataša Janković
"Evaluation, Testing and Assessment"
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ELTA Representative for the 4th International TETA Conference

ELTA is looking for an official representative to attend and give a presentation at the 4th International TETA Conference
Dear ELTA members,

ELTA is looking for an official representative to attend and give a presentation at the 4th International TETA Conference 2017 that will be held from 16-17 June 2017, in Bosanska Krupa, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

For more info about the conference please visit
If you are interested, please send your abstract (max 200 words) and the motivation letter to no later than 18 March 2017.
Your ELTA team