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ELTA Video Competition

Dear ELTA Serbia members,

After the great success last year, we are once again having ELTA video competition!

Do you think you can make a video as interesting and as inspiring as one of the last years’s winners, or even outdo them? Then, hurry up and make your own entertaining, informative clip and possibly win free participation at our upcoming ELTA Serbia conference in May!

  • The title should be “Come to ELTA Serbia Conference!”
  • Videos should be up to 60 seconds in length
  • The deadline for submission is 28th February 2014

The main prize is free participation at ELTA Serbia 2014 Conference in May in Belgrade. Two other prizes are yearly memberships in ELTA Serbia.

Advantage will be given to individuals who have not participated last year.

Competition is open for residents of Serbia only.

ELTA team


Competition for 2nd Year Secondary School Students

Dear colleagues,

If you are teaching the 2nd grade high students, we have great news for you!

In cooperation with our colleagues from Slovenia, Hungary and Croatia, ELTA is organizing a video competition for the 2nd grade students on a topic ‘’Our Hometown’’.

Please check the announcement for the competition regulations and the criteria for evaluating the videos.

We wish you and your students best of luck.

Looking forward to your applications!

ELTA team


  1. Announcement 2nd Year Competition
  2. Criteria for Evaluation of Short Film (Reportage)
  3. Saglasnost roditelja ili staratelja

ELTA Journal

Dear members and colleagues,

ELTA is proud to have published the first issue of ELTA Journal. In this first Editorial we would like to present and explain some of the major ideas that have shaped the creation of ELTA Journal and to adopt the position that will serve as the benchmark for future issues.

The journal is international in its scope and it welcomes contributions from all over the world. In this first issue, there are articles written by researchers and teachers from Japan, Russia, Cyprus and Uruguay in addition to those from Serbia.

We hope you enjoy reading this issue and we look forward to receiving your feedback and article contributions.

By clicking on the following link you will be able to read the first issue of ELTA Journal:

Best wishes for the New Year and Christmas holidays on behalf of ELTA editorial team!

Enjoy the reading!


ELTA Journal – Call for Papers for English Teachers in Serbia

Dear fellow teachers,

The ELTA Newsletter editorial team is proud to inform you that ELTA is initiating a new online publication – ELTA Journal. We invite primary and secondary school teachers as well as their colleagues in private language schools to participate in this exciting new project.

This semi-academic journal will continue the rich tradition of ELTA newsletter and magazine MELT, which have been published since 2003 and readily accept papers of quality that can be theoretical or examples of individual teaching practice or research in the field of ELT.

The vision of this journal is to be submitted for scientific categorization to our Ministry of Education and thus promote our teaching profession and provide you, teachers, with a practical benefit from your contributions. ELTA Journal is meant to:

▪ help our local ELT community to deepen the understanding of its practice;

▪ promote sharing among professionals;

▪ allow teachers to gain points towards professional development

The journal will represent a unique knowledge bank, which you will refer to in order to gain a little more insight into theoretical backgrounds behind certain aspects of your work or get a glimpse of new ideas and latest methodologies you might implement in your own teaching. It will also publish foreign researchers’ papers which will internationalise it and put our teachers on a broader ELT map.

We hope you take this opportunity to analyse your own practice as teachers and consider a topic of your own interest for an article in the journal. Our team is at your disposal for guidance and support should you have doubts regarding any aspect of your writing, structure- or content-wise.

Please contact our team if you are interested at

Yours sincerely,

ELTA Newsletter editorial team