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E-Teacher Scholarship Program

The competition for E-Teacher Scholarship Program is OPEN. Application Deadline: July 4, 2014

The Office of Public Affairs of the Embassy of the United States of America in Belgrade announces the competition for the 2014-2015 academic year of the E-Teacher Scholarship Program for Serbia.

E-Teacher Scholarship Program – English Teacher Professional Development Distance Learning Program – is the program of the Office of English Language Programs of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State. The program offers online courses that train foreign English language professionals in the latest U.S. methods of English language teaching via distance education. Participation is open to teachers worldwide. The 10-week courses will be offered in the fall 2014, winter, spring and summer of 2015. Tuition and materials will be paid by the Office of English Language Programs.

The courses offered for this academic year are the following:

  1. Building Teaching Skills through the Interactive Web, A Survey of Resources and Tools for Online and F2F English Language Teaching (Web Skills)
  2. Introduction to Pedagogy and Practices for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL Methods)
  3. Practical Applications in Language and Learning Skills (PALSS) ONLY to be offered in Winter 2015 term.
  4. English for Specific Purposes, Aligning Context with Practices and Materials (ESP)
  5. Special Education and Differentiated Instruction in EFL Contexts (SpEd EFL)
  6. Teaching English to Pre-teens and Teens (TEPT)
  7. Teaching English to Young Learners (TEYL)
  8. Summative and Formative Assessment in Language Learning and Teaching (Assessment)
  9. Critical Thinking in Language Learning and Teaching (CT)
  10. Developing Local Leadership for Global English Language Teaching (Global English) New for AY2014-2015 Not designed for classroom teachers, but rather for language administrators, principals, or staff that manage students or schools.

More details about each of these courses can be found on the Office of English language programs page:


Serbian citizenship, permanent employment in Serbia (with a minimum of 3 years of working experience as an English language teacher), university degree, and English proficiency.


Candidates for E-Teacher scholarships should be teacher trainers or teachers who are working or plan to work, with one of the subjects covered by the courses. They should be highly motivated individuals who are dedicated both to their own professional development and to sharing the knowledge gained with colleagues through workshops or professional presentations. Candidates should also be committed to fulfilling the program requirements (dedicating on average 8-10 hours per week) and completing the course.

Computer fundamentals:

  • regular access to e-mail and the Internet;
  • ability to navigate in Windows or other appropriate programs and create a Word document;
  • basic familiarity with the Internet and web browsers;
  • ability to type in English well enough to perform online tasks in real-time and to submit written assignments in a timely manner.


  • Recent university graduates, with less than 3 years of teaching experience;
  • Local employees of the U.S. Mission in Serbia who work for the U.S. Department of State, and members of their families, as well as individuals with dual U.S. citizenship or U.S. permanent resident status.


Please fill out the application form and together with the copy of your passport (face page) and evidence of employment in Serbia (letter from employer confirming employment), e-mail it to

The deadline for receipt of applications is 5 p.m. on Friday, July 4, 2014. Please note that incomplete or late applications will not be considered.


Public Affairs Office, U.S. Embassy Belgrade, will review all the received applications for the eligibility and completeness, and then forward them to the Office of English Language Programs in Washington, D.C. where the selection committee will make the final selection of candidates. The results of the selection process will be available in late summer of 2014.

Winners of ELTA Competition

Dear colleagues,

In cooperation with our colleagues from Slovenia, Hungary and Croatia, ELTA has organized a video competition for the 2nd grade students on a topic ‘’Our Hometown’’. The winners of our video competition are stated below. Congratulations to all of them! Take a look and be inspired by these amazing videos!

ELTA team

Kategorija (A) – Gimnazije

No.TeacherSchoolName of the VideoVideo Link
1.Adrijan AlispahićThe Bolyai Secondary Grammar School for Gifted Students, SentaProject X - Let’s Go Green
121 points
Project X - Let’s Go Green
2.Marija LukačGrammar and Economics School, KovinYoung and Green
111 points
Young and Green
3.Aleksandra BorovacGrammar School Dušan Vasiljev, KikindaLet’s Go Green/Raising the Awareness
92 points
Let’s Go Green/Raising the Awareness

Kategorija (B) – SSŠ

Br.TeacherSchoolName of the VideoVideo Link
1.Mirjana CvijovićSchool of Economics, UžiceRecover, Don’t Destroy
131 points
Recover, Don’t Destroy
2.Zorica ĐukićSchool of Pharmacy and Physiotherapy, BelgradeEco Tale
120 points
Eco Tale
3.Zorica ĐukićSchool of Pharmacy and Physiotherapy, BelgradeDon’t Be Blind
116 points
Don’t Be Blind


Why am I an ELTA Member?

This is what ELTA members have said:


I am writing in the name of whole Charing Cross school since we are all members of ELTA from the very beginning (first called ELTAB). Thanks to a few people who were inspired enough to start a teachers association and full of enthusiasm to keep it going, we today have a professional association which represents all EL teachers in the country. …The information we receive through ELTA is precious because it keeps us informed about new trends in teaching in the region and worldwide, giving us the opportunity to meet colleagues and share experiences within the country and the region. This experience together with ELTA annual conference is something that motivates us and through us, our students.

Vesna Puaca, Charing Cross School, Subotica

Why am I an ELTA member? Simply because this is a safe haven for all progressive ideas related to English language teaching. In 2006, thanks to ELTA, I was sent to The Hornby Summer School, held in Palic, where I met outstanding teachers from different countries like Russia, Romania, Hungary, Estonia etc. All those fantastic ideas we shared, fruitful discussions, good jokes and laughs we had together make this Hornby Summer School really unforgettable for me.

Gordana Klasnja, Anglia School of English, Novi Sad

ELTA makes me smile…it is because I’ve found new friends there….and because it is great to belong to a group of people, a kind of a group that has only one wish – to make children happier and more educated.

Ivana, Nis

“If it wasn’t for ELTA I wouldn’t now be a teacher with around 70 hours of professional development, the 3-week teaching practice in London, loads of new skills gained at the seminars and dozens of new fellow-colleagues from all around Serbia. Mind you, all of that in just 1 year of my membership!”

Anica Djokic, Novi Sad

… Thanks to ELTA my colleague Ljiljana Tikvicki and I attended the 13th IATEFL Slovenia Annual Conference in Ljubljana in September 2005 and presented a workshop “How Jack D. helps in teaching vocabulary”.It was really a wonderful experience for me and I learnt a lot as there were some great speakers that I also had a chance to meet personally.

Gordana Patacic, Subotica

… Professional development, conferences, seminars, new people from different parts of the world are some of advantages that ELTA gave to me personally. Now ,we as ELTA, spread the idea of being part of the winning team, team that offers so much with so little effort invested in it.

Željko Andrijanic, Kraljevo

In its July issue, the well-known magazine for teachers of English, the ELT Professional, published “A Minute A Laugh” in its rubric “It Works in Practice”. Nothing strange about it – that is what they do. But this is a contribution by our dear colleague, Maja Hadzic, who works in a primary school in Belgrade ( the school is “Vasa Carapic”, to be precise). Maja is also a very active participant in Elta seminars and workshops, in the British Council, conferences, etc. She was awarded a book for her contribution, “An A to Z of ELT” by Scott Thornbury, as well as a copy of the magazine. It must be added, not without pride, that we in ELTA editiorial team, have recognized the young colleague’s ideas, and published her contribution in one of our previous newsletter.

Sladjana Sretenovic-Jovanovic, one of Belgrade Coordinators and Editor of MELT

…. As a teacher I believe in cooperation, team work, lifelong learning, professional development, flexibility, change, reflection, autonomy and action research. I have already lived my beliefs and have valuable experience in each of them. As one of the Pomoravlje District ELTA coordinators I have organised about eight meetings of local EL teachers since December 2005. …In December 2005 I applied for the Finnish sponsorship to organise ELT Mentorship Seminar, and after getting full Finnish support, in May 2006 I managed to have two-day seminar for English language teachers of Pomoravlje District at Teacher Education Faculty in Jagodina. This may sound like showing off, but I am not that kind of a person: I am saying this just to show my young colleagues that where there is a will, there is a way – we can really make our dreams come true! ELTA gathers us together and makes us very powerful for the benefit of all our children. That is the best mission any professional organisation can have.

Vera Savic, Lecturer, Faculty of Education, Jagodina

So, why am I an ELTA member? For all the same reasons as all these people. And I believe that Wise men learn by other men’s mistakes, fools by their own. And I am far too proud to be a fool. Besides, why waste a lifetime trying to become a better teacher on your own if it is quicker (and not to mention, much more fun) in a group of friends?

Marija Kovac, Coordinator for South Banat, Grammar School “Branko Radičević” Kovin


In accordance with the theme Teaching Outside the Box, ELTA 2012 Conference will focus on innovative teaching methods. To this end, we are soliciting proposals that investigate innovations in all aspects of EFL methodology and original approaches to teaching different age groups, courses and levels.

Abstract submission deadline: 15 March 2012 (Speaker proposal form)
Early bird registration deadline: 15 March 2012 (Registration form)

For further information please contact  or +381 63 210 460.