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Not in my school! Stop violence, say NO to bullying!

Every day we can find at least one newspaper article, Facebook post or a TV report on bullying at schools. Headlines are frightening as well as the everyday life of children who silently suffer at schools. When will it stop? What can we do to stop and prevent violence at schools? ELTA invited students in order to hear their voice.

As a result, the students delivered master class projects where they displayed a high level of understanding of the issue and of the knowledge how to promote anti-bullying policy and empathy. They proved again that the sky is the limit for the students inspired by the teachers and the topic. We feel proud to witness that inspired teachers and students make a vicious circle which nurtures bright future generations.

This is just one, but fundamentally important, step that ELTA made in raising the voice against bullying at schools. For the time being, we spread the inspiring energy these young people send by inviting you to have a look at their projects and listen to the winners talking about their experience while filming.


Video “Stop bullying” made by students from “Sveti Sava” Primary School, Sremska Mitrovica


Video “Say no to bullying” made by students in Class 2 of Tehnička škola “Pavle Savić”, Novi Sad


 Behind The Scenes


Poster “Stop Violence, Please” made by students from Aleksinačka gimnazija


Welcome to ELTA’s Teachers for Teachers Workshop: Magic Quilt

Welcome to ELTA’s Teachers for Teachers Workshop: Magic Quilt

Curiosity is something we need to cherish and stimulate in everyone, especially in children. Some practical ideas how to help VYL discover the world which surrounds them would be presented together with suggestions how to create your own materials which can be reused in different activities.

The materials and activities presented in the workshop are primarily designed in order to meet the needs of kinaesthetic learners.

Presenter: Tijana Nešić Ristić

Date: June 17th, 2017
Time: 1:00 p.m.
Venue: Playschool English Studio, Belgrade, 100 Lješka, ground floor, apt. no. 2

Payment information:

Submit the application form and pay the fee in a bank. This is how you should fill out the payment slip:




Social Evening at the 15th ELTA Conference

15th ELTA Serbia Conference, Friday 19 May 2017, 6:30pm

Zora Ensemble:

Darko Pelić, Miloš Hristov, Ana Došen, Marija Dimitrijević, Jovana Miličić, Tamara Stojić, Sandra Valjarević, Aleksandra Bogićević, Uroš Simić, Nikola Gavrović, Bojan Tomić, Ilija Tasić, Mina Mirović, Jovana Petrović, Katarina Filipov, Tamara Stajin, Doris Bibić & Milica Milosavljević
Art director: assoc. prof. dr. Aleksandra Stošić