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The ELT e-reading Group was created by a collective of English language educators from all over the world with the technical support of the British Council. It aims at encouraging ELT professionals to read literature in English, helping to build bridges between cultures and contributing to build tolerance and intercultural competence through the discussion of works literature.
The group meets online and participants post their comments to a discussion board, sharing their points of view on short stories and poems written in English.
To make the reading material widely accessible, the texts are chosen from free online sources. A link to the text of the month is posted to the group discussion board and participants can download it. Texts are chosen based on their accessibility, interest and potential to raise debate on complex and relevant issues.

To become a member of the ELT e-reading group, you first need to register or log in on the British Council/BBCTeachingEnglish website at
Then you can join the group at It’s easy to do. You will be able to talk to other readers around the world. Read the postings, then choose which to post to and click on reply.
We hope to have you joining us soon.

Kind regards,
Chris Lima
British Council/ BBC Teaching English
Project Coordinator